Snappa review

Snappa review: Is this the best design tool!

If you’re searching for the best graphic design tool to create business designs or social media designs! You’ve landed at the right place. One of the best design tools which I’ve personally used to create social media post design is Snappa. In this article, I’ve going to share an In-depth Snappa review: Features, Benefits, pricing, and many more.

If you’re a social media marketer or blogger! This article will help you.

Moreover, Personally, I’ve been using snappa for over 5 Months. It did well and I can able to create social media designs within a few minutes.

Let’s get started

What is Snappa?

Snappa is an online graphic design tool to make designs within a few minutes. Specially made for non-designers and marketers who don’t have knowledge of designing.

Moreover, Even professional graphic designers use snappa to create designs for social media posts to save time by creating designs from scratch or using photoshop.

Snappa review

Snappa review

What you can create in Snappa? I’ve been using snappa for 5 Months. It helps me to create social media post designs, website images, infographics, blog featured images, youtube thumbnails, and even more. Moreover, In this snappa review, you’ll get to know how to design in snappa.

Who can use snappa? Benefits of using snappa.

Snappa has a user-friendly interface which helps to make the design process easier for non-designers.

Is this design tool right for you? Moreover, Anybody can use snappa.

You can create awesome designs for your business or marketing within a few minutes with the help of pre-made templates. Who can use Snappa:

  • Bloggers: If you have a website for blogging, You can create a blog featured image, website images, and many more.
  • Social media marketers: Tried many design tools! Try Snappa, You can create the best visual design for social media with pre-made templates. Snappa has over 100s high-quality pre-made templates to use.
  • Youtubers: Every solo creator’s problem is that of creating youtube thumbnails. Snappa makes that process easier. Within two minutes, You can create a thumbnail for youtube.

However, It has many benefits!

Firstly you can create designs for your marketing campaign, for business, for social media marketing, and even for ads.

Secondly, You don’t have any design knowledge or master’s degree in graphic design, This simple dragging and dropping knowledge is enough to use snappa.

Thirdly, You don’t have to waste time creating designs from scratch, You can use pre-made templates in snappa for your needs.

Why should you need a graphic design tool?

Basically, for Every business or for an effective marketing campaign, Graphic design is mandatory.

People love visuals more than words. If you create a normal ad to promote your business without any designs.

You should think from the audience’s point of view, I will definitely scroll down if I get a post or any ad without design. It’ll never attract an audience.

Graphic design is essential for any business even for small businesses. It creates the first impression.

Moreover, Why do you need a graphic design tool? So, If you have a very limited budget and don’t have money to hire a freelancer or graphic designer, You should create designs by yourself. That’s why you need a design tool.

Why do you need snappa? Because you may not be a professional designer to use photoshop.

Moreover, the Photoshop user interface is much more complicated to understand.

The Snappa user interface is easy to understand and makes your design process easy.

So, It’s specially created for all people should be able to design on their own.

Snappa Review: Features, Comparison, Pricing, and alternatives.

Snappa is a really useful tool for me to create social media posts. Moreover, It saves my time in the designing process. So, They have separate dimension options for the particular social media platforms. Let’s see what’s in the snappa review.

#Different Design Dimension

Snappa review

In snappa, You’ve different design sizes. For instance:

  • SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS: Moreover, you can design in a Facebook post dimension, Facebook link dimension, Instagram post dimension, Instagram story dimension, LinkedIn post dimension, Pinterest pin, Twitter post, and Youtube thumbnail.
  • BLOGGING AND INFOGRAPHICS: So, you can able to create a Blog featured image, Infographics, and Ebook cover.
  • HEADERS, BANNERS, AND PROFILE PAGES: Facebook cover photo size, Facebook event cover, Facebook group cover, LinkedIn page, LinkedIn profile, Profile picture, Soundcloud banner, Twitch cover image, Twitch offline banner, Twitch panel, Twitter header, Youtube banner, Youtube end screen, Zoom background, and E-mail header.
  • SOCIAL AND DISPLAY ADS: Facebook carousel ad, Facebook link ad, Medium rectangle ad, Rectangle ad, Leaderboard ad, wide skyscraper ad, filmstrip ad, Push down ad, and billboard ad.
Snappa review

These are the different design dimensions that you can create on snappa. Moreover, It has a custom graphic size here, so you can create any size design you want.

#Unlimited High-quality templates

Snappa review

Unlimited High-quality templates are available on snappa and it’s going on even though I’ve scrolled down as many times as possible. Moreover, It is the most advantage of using snappa over its rivals and it’s free.

Moreover, You can use any template you like, No need to pay.

This image above is just an Instagram post template, Moreover, Each and every design dimension like the Facebook post, Twitter post, and many more has its own high-quality unique templates.

What is the advantage of using templates? So, there are more advantages to using pre-made templates for your business or marketing.

If you want to create designs from scratch, You’ve to think of designs, graphics, content, and so on.

Using pre-made templates, You don’t have to design from scratch, No need for graphics, all you need to do is place the text you want to add.

# Beginner-friendly user interface

Snappa review

This is the snappa user interface, However, the Best advantage of snappa for non-designers. A simple one and more advantage for non-designers.

These are the whole snappa options and tools and it’s enough for beginners to create designs within a few minutes. The first image you see is Background, effects, text, graphics, and shapes.

Snappa review


Firstly, let’s go to the background. After you go to the background, You see the options left here.

With this, You can simply choose which image you want, whichever pattern you want to add to your post, and you can upload your own image and plain color.


Secondly, before going to the effects option, You need to select the background of the image you want to edit.

Then go to effects, You can flip & rotate, decrease or increase opacity, and remove background.

Snappa review
Snappa review


Then Text box, You can simply click what box you want to add to your design and it’ll appear in the design.

After you set it, Add the text you want on your post.


In the graphics option, You can set icons, vector graphics, and photos and upload your own graphics you want to add to your post.

They’re over thousands of graphics that you can use to design your post to look even better for free in snappa.

Snappa review

On the right side top, You’ll see the save, share, and download option in snappa.

snappa review

Comparison: Snappa Vs Canva

It is a free graphic design toolIt is also a free graphic design tool
Unlimited high-quality templates are available in snappa for freeMany templates are available on canva but some of them are not free to use.
All graphics available in snappa are freeNot all graphics in canva are free
You can create and download 3 designs per month on the free plan. The biggest drawback in snappaYou can create and download designs unlimitedly per month on the free plan.
Easy user-friendly interfacelittle bit difficult interface but still worthy
Only a few design dimensions are availableMore design dimensions available than snappa

Snappa Pricing

Free Plan

Snappa review
  • 1 user
  • 6,000+ templates
  • 5,000,000+ HD photos & graphics
  • 3 downloads per month

Pro Plan

  • 1 user
  • 6,000+ templates
  • 5,000,000+ HD photos & graphics
  • Unlimited downloads per month
  • Buffer / Social media integrations
  • Custom font uploads
  • Remove image backgrounds

Team plan

  • 5 users
  • 6,000+ templates
  • 5,000,000+ HD photos & graphics
  • Unlimited downloads per month
  • Buffer / Social media integrations
  • Custom font uploads
  • Remove image backgrounds
  • Team collaboration

For yearly, the Pro plan is 10$/month and the team plan is 20$/month


In Conclusion: Snappa is the best tool to go for without a doubt. Moreover, If you think this tool didn’t suit you, No worries! There are other alternatives for snappa that you should check out.

In my point of view, It helps me a lot and saves my time every step of the way.

If you’re a person who is looking for a simple and useful tool to save your time in designing social media posts or website images, Snappa is the one you should go for.

However, If you’re a blogger, social media marketer, or non-designers, This tool perfectly satisfies your need for designing.

I hope this snappa review helps you choose the best design tool. Let me know in the comments!

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