Logo design basics

Logo Design Basics | Ultimate Guide You Need To Know

If you own a business, Logo design is the primary factor for conducting a business in the competitive world. Moreover, It’ll create the first impression of your business to the target audience. There are some logo design basics you should know before designing or choosing one for business.

However, your marketing plan is essential, your visual communication skills are also equally important for business.

The help of graphic designs like logo design, flyers, brochures, business cards, and many more can help to instantly connect with the target audience.

So, Let’s see what are all the basics, types, importance, and more about logo design.

Logo design basics

What is logo design?

A logo design is a symbol, letter, or anything which is used to identify a company, organization, even products, services, and so on. In simple words. It is how others will recognize and remember your business. Moreover, It is the front face of your business.

It is one method of differentiating a brand in a competitive world full of graphic elements that compete for our attention every day. A logo is typically made up of typographies, graphics/symbols, and colors.

It is a graphic element that is part of a brand’s visual identity. If you want a unique and best logo design that beats your competitors’, Check out the best freelance logo designers here and get high-quality logo design at an affordable price.

Importance of logo design

However, Running a business is not easy, If you start a business, 1000s others already exist doing the same as you do. So, It’s not going to be an easy part. Did you know? A report says that 80% of the business shut down in the first year of operation, and the rest in the other few years.

Only a few can survive. But Why there fail? It is seen that entrepreneurs who give extra attempts to create strong visuals for the target audience It’ll create a brand identity that people will never forget.

For instance, Apple, We all know apple, There always provides quality. And If you see anywhere a sticker of a bitten piece of apple.

You’ll easily recognize the brand APPLE. That’s why Building brand identity is important.

However, Building a brand identity requires Creativity, graphic design, and many more. And the primary factor in building a brand identity is Logo design. A logo design is the only thing that people will easily recognize you and your business.

Not only Apple, but many brands like Nike, KFC, McDonald’s, and so on succeed only because of brand recognition.

Logo design basics | The Ultimate Guide

So, there are some basics of logo design that every designer should know before designing a logo for your client.

1/ Know more about the target client

One of the basic principles of logo design is that you should know more about the target clients. When designing a logo for clients, You should ask as many questions as you need. You can ask these questions:

Logo design basics
  • What is the product or service you offer to the audience?
  • What is your business niche?
  • What type of logo design (Letter logo, element logo, or any other) you’re expecting?

These are some questions you need to ask your client. The advantage of asking questions is you can easily target them with the right design elements. For instance, If you’re client is a teenager, You can ask some funny questions to gain trust.

Remember, Make sure to communicate friendly. It’s more important.

2/ Compare your client competitors’ logo

However, Your client niche has dozens of businesses that already exist and working hard to please their customer. It may be you that sharing the audience with them. Moreover, your client is already a customer of a lot of businesses. So, the client’s competitors are also your competitor.

Your logo design, which is the core identity should look different from the client’s competitors.

Firstly, You need to take a list of the competitors and their logos. Then Display all of those logos in front of you and analyze their designs, noting which color palettes and typography they mostly use.

This comparison can assist you in creating a logo that stands out from the crowd. Just keep in mind to avoid using the same color, design, fonts, shapes, and icons.

3/ Keep the logo design simple

As I already said, In Graphic design, Simple design always wins. So, Make your logo design simple. That’s the basic requirements and qualities of a great logo design. For instance, NIKE, It’s just a tick, and that’s the brand identity for you.

The best logo design is the one that gives the viewer an immediate and clear sense that It’s you.

So, the first and foremost thing is to avoid complex designs and keep the logo design as simple as possible. Moreover, The audience should easily understand the message the company wants to convey with the logo design.

A complex design with many colors, fonts, elements, and icons can be a huge distraction for the viewers.

4/ Do some rough work

If you can able to create as much as a rough sketch, Then you’ve got a lot of chances to come up with a unique and best logo design.

Logo design basics

Not only logo design, In graphic design, but All professional designers also create a masterpiece that they spend as much time on rough sketches even an hour.

Make sure you can able to create many variations of the rough sketch so that you can find a few good ones that will work well in your business.

Finally, Select one sketch which has the potential to drive the audience’s attention. Then make that sketch into a unique logo design with colors and elements.

5/ Color selection

Create a logo design, Color plays an important role. Moreover, Each business has its own color palette which reflects its brand. So, The logo you’ve going to create should be the same color that reflects the client’s brand.

Colors have the amazing ability to evoke our feelings. For instance, If we see red, It’ll easily grab attention. Moreover, It has also had some emotions of aggressiveness and energy.

This means that if your company sells products or services and your target customers are young, use red in your logo.

Likewise, Each color has potential for each ability. So, Use colors that can express the feelings that you want to evoke. These very feelings or emotions will be the message that you want to deliver to your target audience.

6/ Pick up the right typography

Typography will be used if your logo includes your company name in full, as an acronym, or as a tagline. Typography’s main characteristic is that it gives any design personality, making it one of the essential elements of design.

The Coca-Cola logo, for example, is in classic lettering style, lending it a trustworthy personality. Serif fonts lend a strong and formal atmosphere to a logo design.

So, using a typeface to convey your brand personality is one of the logo design principles. Avoid using multiple fonts as this will make your design worst. You can also use custom fonts that you have created specifically for your logo and other visual identities.

Custom fonts, on the other hand, are difficult to obtain because you must hire a font designer for this purpose.

When you use an online logo maker, however, you have access to hundreds of unique fonts. Such a design tool and template are pre-loaded with fonts, from which you can choose one to create your logo. This method of creating a logo is ideal for new businesses with a limited budget.

7/ create a memorable and timeless design

One of the top qualities of company logos like apple, Samsung, Nike, and many more is that is a memorable piece of work that we will never forget. So, your logo design should be unique and memorable so that people can have their memories for a long time.

If that doesn’t happen, Your logo may fail the target audience loyalty. A hack to create a memorable logo is that you should have the best concept in mind first. That concept is one that no one has seen and has before.

For instance, Apple, One of the best simple concept logo designs that no other can create or have before.

Secondly, You can’t create a logo design after one year of starting your company. That is not possible for small businesses. So, Create a logo design that should not get old age. Moreover, If you redesign your logo, You’re leaving your customers confused.

It is better to stick with the basics of logo design and come out with a timeless and memorable logo that you’re a client can use for one or two decades at least.

8/ Choose the right type of logo design

There are many types of logo designs. Moreover, Each logo design has a unique and separate value. Each and every logo design is used for different types of businesses. Let’s see the types:

Logo design basics

Minimalist logo design

It is a type of logo design that removes unnecessary embellishments and colors to create a mark that is as powerful as, if not more powerful than, an intricate design. Minimalist logos are the most powerful and simple logo design that every big business use.

Moreover, The advantage of using a minimalist logo design is that people can easily recognize it.

So, Businesses like photography, tech, real estate, restaurant, spas, and many more use minimalist logo design. For instance, Nike, Apple, Uber, and so on use minimalist logo designs.

3D Logo design

3D logos add an extra “dimension” for getting noticed, and they work exceptionally well on platforms such as television and the internet.

In comparison to more traditional 2D logos, 3D logo design stands out and is easier to remember, not to mention it’s a great place to start with animation.

Companies that are using 3D logo designs or AT & T, Xbox, Sony Ericsson, Universal Pictures Logo, Firefox, and so on.

Cartoon Logo design

A cartoon logo is ideal for businesses that sell food, clothing, video games, and, of course, entertainment. Businesses that sell children’s products and services are also excellent candidates for cartoon logo designs.

Companies that are using cartoon logos are wendy’s, pringles, KFC, Mc Donalds, Warner bros, and so on.

Signature logo design

A signature logo is a business logo that consists primarily of the brand’s name written in cursive hand lettering or calligraphy-style typography.

This type of logo design is ideal for companies named after people or for brands seeking a softer, more personal look.

Companies that are using the signature logo are Coca-Cola, Disney, Gillette, and so on.

Hand-drawn logo design

A hand-drawn logo can make a company appear more personable and approachable. A hand-drawn logo, like a signature, gives the impression that someone in the company took the time to personally inscribe a product or piece of merchandise.

Products with hand-drawn logos not only bear the company’s mark; they can also appear to have been personally inscribed.

Use a hand-drawn logo to project a down-to-earth, low-fi, or rustic brand identity that suggests traditional methods of craftsmanship.

Companies that are using hand-drawn logo designs are Cadbury, mail chimp, Kellogg’s, and so on.

Vintage logo design

A vintage logo can reflect a company’s longevity and solid roots, which many heritage businesses can take advantage of. Bringing a vintage logo into the modern era usually entails simplifying complex vintage design elements.

Logos from the late 1800s and early 1900s frequently included details such as coats of arms, scrollwork, and intricate typography that cannot be easily scaled down for items such as stationary or merchandise.

Companies that are using vintage logo designs are Indiana motorcycles, Harley Davidson, and so on.

Watercolor logo design

A watercolor logo typically includes a splash of color in the background, as well as typography or graphic elements placed over brush strokes or watercolor shapes.

These designs can quickly convey a brand’s identity. “Watercolor will suit a specific type of business.”

The business that can use this type of logo design is boutique, bakery, skincare business, and so on.

Moscot logo design

A mascot is a living character that represents an organization or business. It has a life outside of the logo. Mascots can give your brand or sports team a personality and help humanize your organization.

Mostly this type of logo design is used by YouTubers and gamers.

These are the basics of logo design that everyone should know.


In Conclusion: Logo design is the primary factor of business that you should take it as seriously note. Moreover, Logo design is the first and front face of the business. It’ll create trust in the target audience and drive traffic toward your business.

The perfectly fitted colors, fonts, elements, and icons in the logo design can create a brand identity that people won’t forget easily.

So, Make sure that you’re logo design should look unique and simple from the competitors. To choose your logo design for business, You should make discuss it with your fellow mates and finalize it.

If you want the best logo design, Hire the best and most talented freelancer here and get a high-quality logo design at an affordable price.

I hope you know the basics of logo design and everything. Follow for more.

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