How to get clients as a freelance graphic designer

How to get clients as a freelance graphic designer

Are you a freelance graphic designer struggling to get clients? Well, It’s normal. Everybody struggles to kick start any business even myself. Freelance is a great legit way to get money. But getting clients will lead you to more money. So, In this article, you’ll learn how to get clients as a freelance graphic designer.

In the Freelance business, getting clients is an art, If getting a client is an art you should spend time and consistency to make that art. Based on my 6 months experience, I’ll tell you to step by step process of how to get more clients.

Remember, To get clients, you should put your 200% effort and consistency. If you’re willing to start a freelance graphic design business, Check out this article, How To Start A Freelancing Business

How to get clients as a freelance graphic designer

What is A Freelancing Business: All you need to know.

Freelancing is working for yourself, as opposed to working for someone else. So, Freelancers are self-employed professionals who work on a project-by-project basis. You can be your own boss.

In other words, Freelancers accept payment in return for providing some sort of service.

That agreement is generally part-time or short-term. Moreover, You can either do it part-time or you can do it as a full-time job.

freelance jobs offer exceptional flexibility, independence, and income opportunities. Moreover, You can earn hefty annual compensation, provided you have the right skills, qualifications, and experience.

the benefits of starting freelance business

There are many advantages of starting a freelancing business. Here are some of the benefits:

  • You can do it part-time.
  • More Freedom.
  • Flexible working hours.
  • You can work where ever you want to.
  • Improved skill set
  • Better job satisfaction

How to get clients as a freelance graphic designer

Firstly, to get clients in the freelancing business, you should forget about money. The golden rule of a freelancing business is to satisfy your clients first, Give your 200% effort and hard work to get clients’ satisfaction. Remember these points! Let’s get started:

1/ Make unique portfolio

As a freelance, to get clients, you should gain clients’ trust to get them. Moreover, First impression is the best impression. Creating a strong portfolio can help you to gain trust of the audience.

How to get clients as a freelance graphic designer

However, This will help potential clients see what you’re capable of and give them an idea of your style.

Make a unique portfolio that no one has. Here are a few tips to make a freelancing portfolio that’ll make you unique from other:

  • Attach your great work that’ll highlight how experienced person you’re.
  • Add a short video about your self and about you’re design approach.
  • Update your portfolio regularly, So, that people will know your active.
  • Create a PDF portfolio that’s easy to download and share.

2/ word of mouth

This is one of the best ways to get clients even without doing any work. However, word of mouth is a powerful promotional way for any business. This is why it is important to satisfy your clients. So, that he/she will spread words about you to friends and family.

How to get clients as a freelance graphic designer

Moreover, People trust another people’s recommendation more than a portfolio, killer resume/LinkedIn profile, or blog.

It all comes down to that age-old saying: “It’s not what you know, but who.”

So, give your 200% work to the clients to get referral from the clients. People who own their own business probably know others who do, too. And those connections just may need a new website, video editing, new logo, etc.

Moreover, don’t be ashamed of doing work for family & friends. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. I create GREAT artwork for my friend, he refers me to his friends, and guess what? I get more clients, His friends ask me to do artwork for them. So, I earned money.

Don’t afraid and don’t be ashamed to work with friends and family.

3/ Grow Your Portfolio On Social Media

Moreover, Social media is a great place to grow any business. I’ve done freelancing in social media and It’ll take a lot of your time and effort to get clients. However, It takes time. I get clients on social media 2 months after I’ve started freelancing in social media.

How to get clients as a freelance graphic designer

Here are free things you need to optimize your account for freelancing business on social media:

  • Make your bio informative
  • Post your works at least 5 times a week
  • Develop your design skills
  • Be on-trend
  • Link your portfolio on the bio
  • Communicate with your followers
  • Reach the target audience with potential hashtags

These are the things you should do to get clients on social media. Moreover, you don’t need to promote your gig on social media. All you need to do is upload your designs once a day to engage with your audience.

Once a person loves your work, He/she will hire you. However, If you satisfy the client, He/she will hire you on a regular base so that you’ll get a regular client.

4/ Get clients on Fiverr

Fiverr is a great place to start a freelancing business and get clients. Moreover, Nowadays Fiverr freelance graphic design industry is exploding. Freelance graphic designers in Fiverr are high-in-demand.

So, You can sign up as a Fiverr seller and start getting clients. To get clients on Fiverr, these are the things you should do:

  • Promote your gig outside Fiverr
  • List down the services you’re going to offer on Fiverr
  • Improve your portfolio
  • Get client feedbacks
  • Stay online and respond as quickly as possible
  • Write down who you are and everything about you
  • Make clear communication about what you offer

To get more clients on Fiverr, Get good feedback from clients.

5/ Keep other, industry-relevant social media accounts up to date

There are now social media sites that cater to a variety of specific industries, particularly freelance-oriented fields. There is almost certainly a platform for you, depending on your expertise.

How to get clients as a freelance graphic designer

Here are a few examples:

  • GitHub is a website for developers.
  • Dribbble and Behance for designers
  • Flickr and Photo Critique for photographers
  • Vimeo – For videographers

Maintain an updated profile with relevant work samples, similar to LinkedIn.
Takeaway: Spend time on social media platforms where potential employers are looking for talent. You can also network with your peers to gain insights and connections.

6/ Start co-working with other designers

Collaborate with other designers on social media. You see that on Instagram, You can collaborate with other designers so that your account will be mentioned on the top.

How to get clients as a freelance graphic designer

It is a great way to reach more audience and get more clients. The co-worker designers’ audience will see your work and follow. Coworking has many benefits, including networking with others who could need your services.

7/ Market your gig on your own

To get more clients, promote your gig everywhere. Moreover, To do marketing your gig, You should know A-Z about your niche and the services you’re promoting. This will help you to gain the trust of the audience and the audience will know how much capable and worthy you’re.

Here are the best places your can market your gig and get more clients;

  • Quora – Answer questions on your niche, Share your knowledge on the topic.
  • LinkedIn – Post your work on LinkedIn, It is a great place to get more clients.
  • Reddit – Join relavant subreddits and share your knowledge.
  • Facebook GroupsJoin facebook groups, You can find lots of clients there.

Just remember, Don’t spam anything. Don’t promote your service. The moderators or admin of the groups may kick you off. So, Always share your knowledge in the group. So, people know that you’re a trustable and knowledgeable person.

You’ll get clients when people start trusting you.

8/ Keep your LinkedIn account active

LinkedIn is the best place where your can find many clients. Because, Recruiters and other types of hiring managers search on LinkedIn to hire.

Furthermore, when people Google your name (which almost every recruiter/employer does), LinkedIn profiles tend to appear high in search results.

Having an out-of-date, dusty LinkedIn profile will not set you apart from the crowd. Make certain to:

  • Include a summary of your most important and relevant skills and accomplishments.
  • Maintain your experience and skills.
  • Include relevant work from you in the LinkedIn “work samples” section.
  • Include a clear profile photo.
  • Go above and beyond by including recommendations from previous employers/colleagues.

LinkedIn is used by recruiters and others who make hiring decisions. Keep yours updated and polished to make a lasting first impression.

Let’s Wrap it up!

In Conclusion: In the end, It’s all about relationships. Always make friendly communication with clients and reply to the questions as soon as possible. Moreover, You should forget about making money on freelancing business. Give your full effort to satisfy clients.

When it comes down to it, getting work as a freelancer is all about developing relationships (both online and offline) and demonstrating your worth and expertise.

Use these passive promotion methods, and you might find yourself starting each day with a couple more emails in your inbox.

Whether you want to start generating freelance income while you keep your day job, or you can start a freelancing business full-time. So, I hope you’ll get to know how to get clients as a freelance graphic designer. Follow for more.

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