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How To Earn Money From Graphic Designing: Unusual Way

Are you a graphic designer willing to quit your 9-5 job? Here is the doorstep to dream for you. In this article, I’ve going to share how to earn money from graphic designing with ease. You can make a passive income doing these ways.

Moreover, You can also do it as a side hustle, It’s up to you.

I bet you’ve been there, sitting at the office working for someone’s dream. Trust me, I hate working 9-5 jobs.

With these business modules, you can make a lot of money and you can live your life your way. So, I hope you’re ready to know the ways to make money online in graphic design.

Let’s get started.

Table of Contents

    8 ways to earn money from graphic designing

    These are the most epic and legit ways you can earn money from graphic designing. However, You should be consistent with the process to make a passive income. Let’s see what are all the ways to make money in graphic design.

    Freelancing business

    Whatever blog you’re reading on the internet of make money online in graphic designing, The first thing you’ll see is freelancing. Because freelancing is a great business module to make money online.

    Simple way, For instance, you’re working in a company for your boss’s dreams, In this module, you work for yourself.

    So, Freelancers are self-employed professionals who work on a project-by-project basis. In other words, Freelancers accept payment in return for providing some sort of service.

    That agreement is generally part-time or short-term. Moreover, You can either do it part-time or you can do it as a full-time job. So, If you’ve fear of starting this as a full time, You can make it a side hustle without quitting your 9-5 jobs.

    freelance jobs offer exceptional flexibility, independence, and income opportunities. Moreover, You can earn hefty annual compensation, provided you have the right skills, qualifications, and experience.

    How to start a freelancing business

    Starting a freelance is not a tough part. But first, you need to develop your graphic design skills. Here is the step-by-step process of how to start a freelancing business:

    • List down the services you’re going to offer.
    • Make a strong portfolio and showcase
    • Signup on different industry-related social media (e.g. Dribble and Behance).
    • Post your great work of yours.
    • Get clients and make money.

    A simple business module. Getting clients in the freelancing business is the important part and there are things you should do and don’t. Firstly, to get clients in the freelancing business, you should forget about money.

    The golden rule of a freelancing business is to satisfy your clients first, Give your 200% effort and hard work to get clients’ satisfaction.

    Read this article: How to get clients as a freelance graphic designer

    Sell digital products

    You can create a lot of money in this business module, Selling digital products. There are people making 10,000$/month by selling digital products. And as a graphic designer, It’s a great option to make passive income.

    How to earn money from graphic designing

    Moreover, It is a great way to make money while you sleep.

    So, Digital products are electronic goods, content, or pieces of media that can be stored in a file, or sold and shared online. For example, eBooks, audio files, website templates, PDFs, etc. are all digital products.

    Benefits of selling digital products

    There are lots of benefits you’ll get by selling digital products, Here are some of them:

    • Cost-effective business: You don’t need to spend money on product manufacturing
    • No need for inventory: You don’t need to rent a godown to maintain inventory, packaging, or shipping.
    • Endless possibilities—you can always create new digital products for any market or audience.
    Digital products example
    • Graphic design resources like Brushes, textures, fonts, and so on.
    • Printable products like wall art.
    • Icons
    • Filters, presets, patterns, and so on.
    • Illustrations and other graphics

    Earn money Selling graphic design templates

    You can make a passive income selling graphic design templates.

    Moreover, There are creatives who earned around 1 million dollars selling graphic design templates. So, Selling graphic design templates is one of the fastest ways to make money online as a graphic designer.

    How to earn money from graphic designing

    There is a big demand for pre-made templates like logo design, web design, PowerPoint design, infographic design, flyer design, brochure design, and many more.

    You can create high-quality pre-made templates and start selling on websites like Graphic river and Creative market.

    But to do this, you should improve your design skills. Because these marketplaces don’t accept every design.

    So, to sell graphic design templates, you should create high-quality, well-designed, and must-worthy designs to sell online. Or you can sell offline, but you need to market your products yourself.

    Sell T-shirt designs

    Selling T-shirt designs online is a great way to make money. There are two ways you can make money selling t-shirt designs:

    How to earn money from graphic designing
    • First: You can set up a shop using websites like Shopify to sell custom print t-shirts.
    • Second: You can use a platform like Teepublic to sell T-shirt designs without having any inventory.

    I go with the second option which is a lazy part. So, You can make passive income by selling t-shirt designs.

    Print on demand

    This is a way you can make a lot of money. Selling print-on-demand products which are printable products. So, a Print-on-demand business is exactly like dropshipping. But it’s way better than dropshipping.

    How to earn money from graphic designing

    However in dropshipping business, You’ve to maintain inventory, you’ve to invest money, and many more things.

    So, In a print-on-demand business, You’ve don’t have to invest, you don’t want to maintain inventory, and a lot more benefits you’ll get in this business module. Here are some of the print-on-demand products you can sell:

    • Printed mugs
    • Hoodies
    • T-shirt designs
    • Beach towel
    • Phone cases
    • Notebooks
    • Handbag designs
    • Wall arts

    And a lot more print-on-demand products you can sell. So, An average person doing print-on-demand business can earn 2000$ – 5000$ per month. And top earners can make millions from this.

    Benefits of starting print on demand

    There are lots of benefits you’ll get by selling print-on-demand products. Once you list the product on the website, you can watch a movie. Here are some of the benefits:

    • Low risk and low starting cost
    • Lots of opportunities to explore and experiment with new products
    • High flexibility
    • Automated process, you can chill.
    • Demand for custom products increasing day by day

    Sell online courses

    If you’re a pro graphic designer, Why can’t you teach others to become pro designers? Head over to udemy, A online course-selling platform, and take a look at it.

    You’ll see how many people buy the course.

    There are even very simple and general courses that have somehow managed to generate tens of thousands of sales.

    For instance, If you’ve listed an online course on udemy to sell for 20$ and udemy takes a commission of 50% (For example), All you need to do is sell 1000 courses per month to generate a decent income.

    To succeed in this, Instead of choosing the same topics which are covered over 100 times. 

    Try to find a unique topic to create a course that targets a niche. So, It’s a sure-shot way to find success.

    You can sell an online course in two ways:

    One is to sell online courses on websites like udemy so that you don’t need to market your course but you need to give a share to udemy. Or you can sell online courses on your own using your own website but you need to market your course to make sales.

    Start a blog or youtube channel

    This business module takes a lot of time and effort to succeed. You need to be consistent with the process to make money. Moreover, there are people who are making Million dollars don’t these businesses.

    I’m not talking about a blog where you share your daily thoughts. I’m talking about a site that generates money.

    For instance, there are many graphic design tools, design resource marketplaces, and services, and many more have affiliate programs.

    You can join such an affiliate program and promote the designs and templates from the marketplace on your blog or YouTube channel. You’ll earn a commission whenever someone buys a template using your link.

    The other way to make money blogging is via Adsense. So, You can run ads on your website once you reach 10,000 visitors/Month.

    You can do the same on your youtube channel.

    Recommended tools and software you trust

    If you have a huge audience base, you can join affiliate programs and sell affiliate products.

    How to earn money from graphic designing

    For instance, If you like Adobe Photoshop and really trust and like the software. So, You can join in adobe affiliate program and share your referral link with the audience. If someone buys through your link, You’ll get a commission.

    It’s a great legit way to make money online.


    In conclusion: So, Are you ready to quit your boring 9-5 jobs? This how to earn money in graphic designing is not a joke. Graphic design is one of the most profitable careers where you can make a lot of money. And these are the best ways you can make money online.

    But what I recommend is to do this part-time until you make more money than your regular job.

    So, you don’t have to fear, the risk-free method.

    I hope you’ve got an idea of How to earn money in graphic designing. Here I’ve shared some general FAQs, Do read them.

    Follow for more.

    General FAQ’s

    can you make a lot of money in graphic design

    Yes, by doing these business modules consistently, You can become a millionaire. Graphic design is one of the best and most in-demand careers where anyone can make a lot of money. But you need to do consistently, focus, and hard work to succeed.

    Is selling digital products profitable

    Selling digital products is one of the most epic and profitable ways to make money online. So, there are lots of benefits you’ll get by selling digital products. Here are some of the benefits:

    • Risk-free and low investment
    • No need for inventory
    • No shipping cost
    • The laziest way to make money
    • Make money from home

    Is graphic design a profitable career

    Graphic design is one of the most profitable careers where you can make a lot of money. An average graphic designer can make around 10,000$ per annum and At the same time, a freelancer can make £40 per hour or more.

    By doing these business modules, a graphic designer can make up to 2000$ to 5000$ per month. And that’s a lot of money.

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