Create free designs for your business

How to create free designs for your business online? (Tutorial)

Are you looking for a way to create free designs for your business on your own? No worries! Most people struggle in this part, Some people hire someone to do this, and Some people create their own. So, That’s why I’m here to help these people to create designs on their own.

Here In this blog post, you’ll find how to create free designs like flyers, Brochures, free logos, social media designs, and Any designs for your business online ( Tutorial), Continue reading!.

create free designs for your business

create free Social media designs for your business (Step By Step)

A tool we’re going to use here is Snappa, Snappa is a beginner-friendly graphic design tool that helps to create Instagram posts, Facebook posts, Pinterest pins, Twitter posts, etc. You can easily design even if you are a Non-designer, We can use predefined templates or access the built-in stock libraries to prepare graphics. Let’s get into this!


Step 1:- Sign in Snappa, You can sign up for free, You’ll get 1 userspace, 6000+ templates, 5,000,000 + HD photos & graphics, and 3 downloads per month. You can also go for paid, Low cost – $15/month you’ll get:

  • Unlimited downloads,
  • Custom font uploads,
  • Remove image background,
  • Buffer / Social media integrations, and
  • Everything is on the free plan.
create free designs for your business

Step 2:- Choose which design you want to create, Here, I choose a Facebook post as an example. Choose a template that you like, Then start dragging and dropping.

create free designs for your business
create free designs for your business

Step 3:- I select this template, and just changed some contents on this template for our business needs.

create free designs for your business

Step 4:- I’ve changed some content and changed the background image for my needs. That’s is I’ve created an engaging Facebook post. You can save and download the design that You’ve created in just 4 steps.

create free designs for your business

Snappa is a great graphic design tool to invest in for social media post designs. It helps many people with their needs to engage on social media. Social media is a powerful tool to grow any business, people use it constantly.

Snappa will help you to create an engaging social media post, Many people get benefited from Snappa. The best graphic design tool for non-designers, You have to try is Snappa! You’ll never regret it.

create free designs for your business

Here, You can find a free tool that we are going to use is canva. Canva is an advanced graphic design tool to create social media posts, flyer designs, brochures, menu cards, banners, Etc.

A drag and drop interface makes customizing thousands of templates simple and easy. Canva’s wide array of features allows you to edit photos without extensive photo editing knowledge or experience.

Advantages of Using Canva

  • The platform for free design. Canva is a free tool that anyone may use.
  • There are no prerequisites in terms of knowledge or experience. You don’t need any prior graphic design skills to utilize Canva.
  • Multiple templates and typefaces make it simple to use.

Uses Of Canva

Here I’ve listed some great uses of Canva:
Social media Post
Banner ads
Resume and even more.

Create a free logo for your business

A logo is an identity, big companies having in-house designers can easily make logos for any occasion. What about us! Struggling to create a logo by ourselves, No worries from now, Here Pearl mountain limited presents design Evo. Here you can create your logo in just 2 minutes.

Design Evo

Design Evo is a free online logo maker with 10,000 + templates that anyone can use to bring to life a compelling, unique logo in minutes. Nowadays This kind of service, free logo makers are a trend, some may fake but this is a trustworthy company where you can create your logo by yourselves.

Drag and drop concept, Here we go!.

create free designs for your business

Step 1:- Sign up on design Evo.

Step 2:- Choose a template for your business logo, Then start working on it. Remember, there is N number of templates available in design Evo, Choose the right one and start customizing it.

Step 3:- I’ve chosen this template for my logo design and started making some changes, Then that’s it my logo is ready to go. However, It is a simple and free way to create a logo on our own.

That’s it, Logo design is not a one-time investment. To engage with customers, A different logo design for each occasion will make our brand unique from others. People think logo design is a one-time investment, No, It’s not.

Create a business logo for free is design Evo, Try Now.

Here I’ve listed Some Graphic Design Resources you can use for business designs.

What are Graphic design resources? In simple words, A marketplace where you can buy graphics resources like templates, logos, flyers, brochures, social media, fonts, websites, and more. These Graphic Resources have been providing top-quality printed materials for small and large businesses anywhere in the world. Concept through delivery, These products and services are customized to your needs.

Uses of graphic design resources:

There are many uses for graphic design resources. Some people use graphic design resources to create marketing materials, designs for logos and illustrations, or illustrations for children’s books. Moreover, Graphic design resources can also be used in web designing, web development, or web development projects.

With these graphic design resources, you’ll get premium designs like flyers, brochures, logos, social media, presentations, websites, and even more high-quality resources for your business.

The Hungry Jpeg

The Hungry JPEG

The Hungry Jpeg is a marketplace where you can get premium templates for social media posts to engage the audience, Flyers, brochures templates, email templates, presentations, websites, and more at an affordable price.

Simply you can sign up and buy digital resources for a low cost. In Hungry Jpeg, Moreover, You can buy resources for 1$ (Available deals) and even freebies.

It is a great marketplace to buy graphic resources, So, If you are a designer, You can get premium photoshop brushes, Actions, Lightroom presets, palettes, plugins, and illustrator. Many people get the benefits from buying graphics resources on Hungry Jpeg.

  • Premium graphics resources
  • Low cost
  • Free resources
  • 1$ deals
  • High quality resources
  • You can see what’s inside the bundle
  • Unlimited resources
  • Refunds may only be granted under these circumstances: File is corrupted and the support team is unable to fix the file on your behalf.



Pixelo is an eCommerce store that provides complete design bundles and toolkits. It is specifically created with graphic designers and creatives in mind. With Pixelo, you can find the best design assets.

Pixelo is one of the most popular venues for graphic bundles at a low cost. Web designers, amateurs, creatives, and artists can find useful information on the site. Finding the perfect visuals to boost a design project is what Pixelo is all about.

  • Great discounts – Users must go to the site to check the various discounts offered on different design bundles.
  • Curated Bundles – Each Pixelo bundle’s themes and designs are chosen by a specific team. The quality of the products, as well as market trends, play a big role in the choice process.
  • Constant Design Updates – The website serves as a hub for graphic designers who work with other creatives. As a result, all of the resources available are current and relevant.
  • A Fair Refund Policy – Pixelo offers refunds if you can show that the bundle you purchased failed to meet your expectations.
  • Easy Download Choices – You’ll receive a download link once you’ve purchased a bundle, which will be added to your account.



Artixty is a web-based e-commerce store that offers graphic design services and tools as well as the convenience of quick file downloads. However, It facilitates the networking of all the best creative professionals on the internet. Our team thoroughly tests all of the products in our store for performance and quality.

The company strives to provide the best creative products on the internet at the most affordable prices. The company provides a wide range of popular design products as well as simple commercial licenses. Artixty guarantees the lowest price with immediate product delivery.

Artixty provides its clients with a large collection of high-quality pre-made stock models and flyer templates to help them save time when designing.

It has a wide range of photoshop products like add-ons, templates, fonts, and graphics. Moreover, It has a primary goal to avail authentic products, and quality services to you.

  • High quality resources
  • Best price range
  • 30-days money back guarantee
  • Fast File Downloads
  • Amazing customer service
  • Instant Product Delivery
  • Their products are digital and are not eligible for returns.
  • Your purchase is only eligible for a refund if you have made a duplicate purchase of the same product.

Hire A Freelancer designer


Hire a freelancer designer to create flyers, brochures, social media post designs, etc, for your business. If you want to hire a freelancer, I recommend Fiverr, A professional, marketplace for hiring freelancers. They’re professionals seeking to help people in need of any kind of service at a reasonable price starting at 5$.

You can filter workers by:

  • Specific services, Flyer designers, logo designers, brochure designers, web designers.
  • Service options, such as industry expertise and more specific services.
  • Seller qualifications or details, such as Fiverr seller level, languages they speak, and where they live.
  • Delivery time, from 24-hour turnaround to as long as you need.
  • Budget, from $5 to pro gigs at $5,000 or more.
  • Pro services, which shows those Fiverr screens as pro verified
  • Who is online right now, by clicking “Online Sellers.”
  • You can hire someone to work at a reasonable price.
  • Fiverr costs only $5 for one graphic.
  • The value of hiring a quality freelancer is you don’t need to keep paying them until you’re ready for them to go full-time.
  • Verified professionals
  • Great customer service
  • Friendly freelancers
  • High quality work
  • If you’re not picky about who you hire, the work you get back will be not only bad, but nearly impossible to use.
  • Designers on Fiverr might re-sell copyrighted work.

Learn more about the Fiverr freelancing service


In conclusion: Graphic design is a key player in business to keep a distance from the crowd. It helps you in many ways, The above-mentioned techniques will help you to engage with customers. Moreover, You can design by yourself Now! Right or you can hire a freelancer on Fiverr to do the job for you, However, You’ll get benefits in both ways.

To influence customers, Gain more visibility, Brand Identity, Conversion, Attract new customers, and even more. Investing in good graphic design or graphic design resources will make your brand unique in the marketplace among the crowd. So, Choose wisely, Go Graphic design make your brand history. So, I hope you’ll learn something from this blog post, Thank you!. Keep following us to know everything from graphic design.

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