How to create flyers for free

How to create flyers for free, No Photoshop needed!

Do you want to create flyer designs without any design or Photoshop knowledge? No worries! I’ll help you to learn how to create flyers for free without photoshop and without any design knowledge.

If you don’t want to create by yourself, No worry.

You can find other people to design at a low cost on freelancing sites like Fiverr. Moreover, It is a place where you can find freelancers starting from 5$.

Let’s get into this, The Best thing about this article (How to create flyers for free) is that, to work for this, You don’t need:

  • No need for any design skills.
  • No need for photoshop knowledge.
  • Professional high-quality flyers within two minutes.

Sounds great right! Let’s begin.

What is Flyers? What is the purpose of flyers!

A Flyer is simply a poster that is used for a new product or service launch, Promotion, Events, and more that is posted to bring the audience to business. The Flyer should be simple and eye-catchy. Using Flyers for marketing purposes could be so much more cost-effective for businesses and to run a great marketing campaign.

Usually, a landscape flyer size is 29.7 X 21 cm and a Portrait flyer size is 210 X 297 mm.

How to create flyers for free

What is the purpose of Flyers?

We all know social media platforms are extremely useful to convey a message to the audience. Moreover, Flyers are meant to create awareness and to present business specialties and details of products/services to the public.

But in previous days, All businesses preferred to print flyers and distribute flyers to everyone hand to hand because the distribution of flyers was regarded as a powerful means of delivering a message or striking people’s minds.

Is Flyers Still Effective for businesses?

Yes, Flyers are effective still in 2022 for business. Moreover, They are cost-effective and have an incredibly high return on investment. It’s easy to create flyers nowadays but it has a high impact on the marketing campaigns.

Customers prefer to be able to hold something in their hands. Every day, We’ve Bombarded with online advertising, and it is extremely rare to come across a high-quality, printed flyer.

Flyers are simple and eye-catchy so that people will easily convenience. When a website is cluttered with advertisements, it’s easy for potential customers to overlook your ad, even if it is well done.

Imagine walking into your favorite restaurant and seeing a vibrant, eye-catching flyer displayed right at eye level while you wait for your food. You’d most likely notice it. You could pause and take a quick look. So, Flyers are still effective for marketing your business.

How to create flyers for free: Step-by-step guide

Here it is, Learn how to create flyers for free. As I already said no photoshop is needed, The tool we’ve going to use here is Drawtify, A free graphic design tool for non-designers. Moreover, We don’t have to create the design from scratch here, We’re going to use pre-made flyer templates to create flyer designs.

Step:1:- Sign up on drawtify

How to create flyers for free

Drawtify is an online vector-based tool to make your design process easier. If you are a person with no design knowledge and experience, You can use drawtify to create designs. Even Professional designers use drawtify to reduce work time.

Moreover, It has more pre-made templates which you can use for your business or marketing purposes for free. In drawtify, the Premium version is available (14$/month or 99$/year) but As I said this article is of the free method.

Step:2:- Choose which marketing design you want to create (Flyer design)

How to create flyers for free

It has over every type of design option for your marketing campaign, logo design, Business designs, Social media marketing designs, and more. As I already said, all these types of designs in drawtify, You can create designs from scratch or you can use pre-made templates to design within a few minutes.

However, graphic design is effective for business and marketing purposes and drawtify made it easier for non-designers.

Step:3:- Select Flyer and choose your favorite pre-made template

How to create flyers for free
How to create flyers for free

After you sign up on drawtify and enter into the user interface, You see a lot of design options. Select Flyer and choose whichever pre-made template you like. They are some free templates available here, choose one of them.

The benefits of using pre-made templates are that you don’t have to create designs from scratch, time-saving, high-quality templates, and even non-designers can use them to create designs.

Step:4:- Start making some changes by dragging and dropping.

I’ve chosen this pre-made template which is quite simple and looks good. Moreover, This is the drawtify user interface, Not complicated I guess.

On your left, You see all options like Image, background, palette, upload, tools, and layer list. On the top, You see options like text, shape, pen, pencil, image, tools, group, lock, delete, layer, align, combine, animator, and play.

Online Vector Graphic Design, SVG Editor

If you want to change photos in this template,

Select Photo on your left >> Search the photo you want to place >> Choose one of them >> Replace them simply by dragging and dropping.

Want to change the content in the template,

Simply Double click the text you want to change >> This will select the entire text >> Type what you want to add.

Step:5:- Save & Download

That’s it, Using the above steps I’ve mentioned, I’ve created a restaurant management webinar class flyer. In drawtify, They are even more to learn how to design even without any design knowledge.

But these steps are enough to create a flyer design for non-designers. After completing your design, Look at it, If you feel it’s good, Save & download it. The Save & download option is in the top right.

This is it, You have a flyer design within 5 minutes of your time. As I already said no need for photoshop to design from scratch. Just drawtify is enough to create a high-quality flyer. Here is, My flyer design using drawtify:

How to create flyers for free


In conclusion:- I hope you’ve learned how to create flyers for free using drawtify, If you want an alternative, You can check here for free alternatives for drawtify. Flyers will help for the effective marketing campaign, It’ll grab the audience’s attention towards your business.

If you’re not able to create flyer designs on your own, No worries, You can hire someone on Fiverr for a low cost. The best option for small business owners is to hire a freelancer. I hope you can design by yourself with these steps which I’ve said in this article. Follow for more info, Realservicester.

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