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How to create a logo in illustrator: Simple way

Do you want to know how to create a logo in illustrator? Then this is the exact article that you ever need. However, It’s not enough once you’ve gotten to know how to create a logo design, there are many things you should consider before designing a logo.

So, In this article, I’ve going to share things you should consider for logo design and a complete tutorial on how to create a logo design.

Moreover, these are all the basics to create a logo design. However, Logo design requires skills, creativity, experience, and knowledge. I’m not judging your skills, Just remember that this article is just a kickstart. The other things (Logo design, creativity, and others) are up to you.

What is logo design?

A logo design is a symbol, letter, or anything which is used to identify a company, organization, even products, services, and so on. In simple words. It is how others will recognize and remember your business. Moreover, It is the front face of your business.

How to create a logo in illustrator

It is one method of differentiating a brand in a competitive world full of graphic elements that compete for our attention every day. A logo is typically made up of typographies, graphics/symbols, and colors.

Importance Of Logo Design

However, Running a business is not easy, If you start a business, 1000s others already exist doing the same as you do. So, It’s not going to be an easy part. Did you know? A report says that 80% of the business shut down in the first year of operation, and the rest in the other few years.

Only a few can survive. But Why there fail? It is seen that entrepreneurs who give extra attempts to create strong visuals for the target audience, It’ll create a brand identity that people will never forget.

For instance, Apple tech, We all know apple tech, There always provide quality smartphones, tabs, Macs, and so on gadgets.

And If you see anywhere a sticker of a bitten piece of apple.

How to create a logo in illustrator

You’ll easily recognize the brand APPLE tech. That’s why Building brand identity is important. And logo design is the primary factor in building a brand identity. However, Building a brand identity requires Creativity, graphic design, and many more.

A logo design is the only thing that people will easily recognize you and your business. Not only Apple, but many brands like Nike, KFC, McDonald’s, and so on succeed only because of brand recognition.

How to create a logo in illustrator

Firstly, Why does Adobe illustrator create a logo design? Adobe Illustrator is a top leading vector graphics software created by adobe. Moreover, Vector graphics are great for logo design because vector graphics can be blown up to any size and do not distort or get pixelated.

That’s why adobe illustrator is a great software to create a logo design.

Things you should do before the opening illustrator

Before you open illustrator, there are many things you should do. You need to get a brief note from your client. Start by asking questions, Here are a few simple questions you should ask your client:

  • What does your business do? And Brand target audience.
  • Does the business name have any deeper meaning?
  • What are the brand values?
  • What type of design types and visual trends does your client want?

Make sure to make an open conversation with your client and ask as many as questions you want. This will help you to have a clear-cut idea to create a logo design.

List keywords, Rough sketch, and refine it.

Once you’ve all the information you’ve from the client, You can start working on your logo design. To start designing your logo design, Here are the things you should do (Base work).

How to create a logo in illustrator
  • List keywords: Firstly, You need to list down keywords that come to your mind when thinking about the brand. Don’t worry about making sense or creating something pretty.
  • Rough Sketch: Secondly, Do a rough sketch. Keep keywords and brand elements in mind and start doing a rough sketch. Do as much as you want until you’ll get satisfied.
  • Refine your rough sketch: Take a look at all your rough sketches, look for mistakes, find a way to improve, and pick your favorite.

Once you’ve got satisfied with your rough sketches, Select 3 rough sketches and send them off to your client to get final approval. Remember, Send B&W Sketch, Adding colors makes the client concentrate on it.

Once you’ve gotten the approval from the client, It’s time to open Adobe illustrator to bring your rough sketch to a unique logo design.

Step: 1 Digitalize your sketch

After you get client approval for your sketch, Digitalize your sketch. To digitalize your sketch, Here are the steps you need to follow:

How to create a logo in illustrator
Source: 99design
  • Photograph your rough sketch or scan. So, you get a jpeg file of your rough sketch.
  • Then Open Adobe illustrator
  • Create a new document and import your rough sketch.
  • To import, File>Place>Select your rough sketch>place it.
  • Then open the layer panel and rename the layer as you wish to avoid mistakes.

Step: 2 Start tracing

Once you’ve placed your rough sketch, It is time to create some basic shapes. You can draw above your rough sketch or you can create basic shapes. It’s up to you. To draw, You need to select brush>Select black color>start drawing your rough sketch. To create basic shapes:

How to create a logo in illustrator
Source: 99design
Source: 99design
  • Use a rough sketch as your reference.
  • Start creating basic shapes using the ellipse tool, rectangle tool, and so on tools.
  • To create complex shapes, Use the pen tool to create accurate shapes.

Instead of drawing, you’ll be plotting anchor points with handles that follow the direction of the path.

If you’re tracing the lettering as well, hold Shift while plotting the points to keep all handles vertical or horizontal. This gives you more control over your shapes if you need to make changes to them later.

Step: 3 Add text

Now you’ve your logo design, Now it’s time you add the slogan of the brand. Two ways to add a brand slogan to your design. First, simply use the brush tool and start tracing. The other way is:

Source: 99design
  • Firstly, Create a path using the pen tool.
  • Next, click the Type on a Path tool and click the line itself.
  • Then, start typing! Center the text and expand it to make it fit however you’d like.

Remember, When choosing your font, Make sure it fits your illustration, and make sure the two won’t compete against each other.

Step:4 Add color

Once you’ve designed your logo, It’s time to fill colors. Remember, Choose colors wisely. It should reflect the brand. Colors do make a big difference in your logo design.

Source: 99design

Choose the color palette and fill colors. Start by grouping all elements that will have the same color. This will make it easier for you to change colors later. Then, select all the elements you wish to change, click the Recolor Artwork function on the toolbar and start adjusting the color values.

Step: 5 Showcase your work to your client

When you’ve got satisfied with your logo design. It’s time to showcase your design to your client. Moreover, You should not simply send your logo design. Make a presentation of every version of your logo design and send it to your client.

Source: 99design

You don’t have to use special effects to showcase your presentation to your client. Just show color background variations of the logo design. Keep it simple, clean, and clear.

Step: 6 Export the file

Having a great logo design is not enough, You also need the right files to use the logo in multiple mediums. So, make sure to send every file to your client they will possibly need.

Typically, that includes horizontal and vertical versions, as well as full-color, black-and-white, black-only, and white-only versions of each.

For each logo iteration, you’ll want to export these 7 files:

  • Illustrator files in both CMYK and RGB color profiles
  • EPS file in both CMYK and RGB color profiles
  • SVG file in RGB color profile
  • PNG file (with transparent background) in RGB color profile
  • JPG file in RGB color profile

Having both CMYK and RGB versions is important for print and digital use.


In Conclusion: So, Are you ready to create a logo using illustrator? This is the best and most simple way to create a logo design in illustrator. It’s a simple way to create a logo in illustrator but there are many types of logo designs and I’ve shared one of them.

Logo design is essential and important for every business. To create a logo design, You need to think creatively.

Don’t be afraid to think of weird ideas. Sometimes, It wins. Always comes with a simple logo design. A simple design will create a great impact on the audience. Keep doing rough sketches as much as possible to come up with a unique logo design.

Make sure to do things that I’ve shared here before opening adobe illustrator. So I hope you’ve got to know how to create a logo in illustrator. Follow to know more about graphic design.

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