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Start your Graphic Design career

Best recommended graphic design tools, resources, and software to kick-start your career

From Zero To Pro Graphic Designer

To become a pro graphic designer, you need to learn the basics.

Graphic design is one of the best and most in-demand careers in the world. Moreover, you don’t need any degree to start a graphic design career. In fact, most people think that the graphic design career is dead, But it’s not.

Did you know that 82% of new businesses start every month, So, Companies are always on the lookout for graphic designers to help them with their brand image. From designing marketing collateral like banners, posters, and logos to designing landing pages and websites, the opportunities are vast.

If you have prior knowledge in this field, getting new clients should be relatively easy. However, learning the basics of graphic design from scratch is also simple, with a lot of online courses and tutorials available. 

On this page, you’ll find:

  • Best courses to learn graphic design.
  • Basics of graphic design articles and some important articles to read.
  • Best recommended tools, resources, and software to kickstart your journey.
  • Best graphic design mentors on youtube your should follow.
  • Complete freelance graphic design guide
Learn the basics of graphic design

Reading the basics of graphic design is essential- Here You’ll learn the basics of graphic design, color terms, must-known design files, logo design basics, and how to become a graphic designer.

Graphic design courses

However, you don’t need any design degree to start a graphic design career, but you need to learn graphic design courses that will give you a great head start in this career:

Best recommended graphic design tools

If you want to save time and at the same time you need to create an awesome design, You need a simple online design tool. Here are the best graphic design tools to create designs within minutes.

Canva - Free design tool for quick designs

Canva is a free online graphic design tool that’s great and most useful to create marketing designs, advertising designs, social media, presentations, and many more. Best tool for non-designers, marketers, and beginners.

Adobe express - Free photo & design tool

Adobe express is a free online design tool created by adobe. Best recommended for social media post designs.  A beginner-friendly tool with high-quality pre-made templates. So, you don’t need to create designs from scratch.

Best graphic design resources

In graphic design, you need resources for your design process. Here are the best-recommended websites where you’ll millions of design resources like photos, videos, graphics, presets, fonts, textures, and many more.

Adobe stock - Stock photos, royalty free images, graphics, and more.

Adobe Stock is a service that gives designers and businesses access to millions of high-quality, curated, royalty-free photos, videos, illustrations, vector graphics, 3D assets, and templates for use in all of their creative projects.

Envato Elements - Best marketplace for all your design needs.

Envato Elements is a wide variety of design marketplace where you’ll get everything for your design project. Best quality design resources for your design process. Over millions and millions of design assets available in envato elements.

Creative market - High quality stock photo, fonts, graphics, and designs.

Creative Market is a premium design resources marketplace for handcrafted digital design content from independent creatives all over the world, such as graphics, fonts, themes, presentations, invitations, cards, and more.

Best graphic design software

When it comes to graphic design, you should have graphic design software for your journey. Here I’ve listed some best graphic design software that every designer must have.

Adobe Photoshop - Best graphic design software

When it comes to graphic design, You can’t ignore Adobe photoshop. The top-most graphic design software that every professional designer use.

  • Image editing
  • Photography retouch
  • Marketing designs
  • Advertising design
  • Brand identity designs.
  • Manipulation

Photoshop is must have software in graphic design career.

Best illustration software

If you’re an illustrator, you cannot use Photoshop for illustration designs. Here are the best industry-leading illustration software that you should give it a try.

Adobe Illustrator - Best vector graphics software

Adobe Illustrator is the best vector-based graphic design software. I used to create illustrations. You can use it to create:

Illustrator is best for creating graphics that can be infinitely scaled up or down without blurring or losing sharpness.

Graphic design software
CorelDraw - Graphic design, illustration, and technical software

CorelDraw graphics suite is vector-based graphic design software just like adobe illustrator that you can use to create:

  • Magazine Design
  • All types of Illustration designs
  • Logo design
  • Vector design
  • Raw Photo Editor

Convenient usage of Corel DRAW creates its greatest attraction. 

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