Graphic design as a career

Graphic design as a career: Is this the best idea?

If you’re willing to choose graphic design as a career, Well you’ve landed at the right place. Moreover, Graphic design is a great career and the best path. So, In this article, you’ve know everything about graphic design as a career.

It is an exciting, creative, and the best professional field. Moreover, For every business, Graphic design helps to communicate with the audience effectively via visual messages.

Many people these days are emphasizing other benefits apart from monetary gains when it comes to choosing a career.

But if you love graphic design to the core, It’ll fulfill your soul, and moreover, it’s fun. Let’s see!

Table of Contents:-

  • My point of view on graphic design as a career
  • The reason why you should choose a graphic design
  • What jobs can you get if you study graphic design
  • How to develop your design skills
  • Conclusion

Sounds interesting right? Without any delay, Let’s get started.

My point of view on graphic design as a career

If you think graphic design is not a worthy career, Change your mind. For instance, If you’re owning a business and introducing products to the audience. No people will believe you and your products.

Why should there believe you? They didn’t even know who you are. This is a fact.

Moreover, This is where graphic design plays a major role. It creates trust and brand quality for the audience. Moreover, People love visual messages more than normal words.

Once There’ve begun to trust your brand, You’ll get more traffic and sales conversion.

What about graphic design jobs? Some people say there is no scope for graphic designers. For people having this kind of mindset, Let me tell you my brother’s story. He studied and he got a job in an IT company. His work is to edit images and his salary is around 40,000 INR/Month.

Graphic design as a career

There are a lot of opportunities in graphic design, here are some of them;

  • Graphic design jobs ( Photo editing, video editing, Marketing designs, Visual designs, and many more )
  • Be your own boss ( Freelancing )
  • NFT Artist, a new way to make money as a graphic designer
  • Affiliate marketing ( refer to graphic design tools, or software you love to the audience and earn money )

And there are a lot more opportunities available in graphic design. All you need to do is be creative and make your own style of design.

The reason why you should choose a graphic design

 After going through these reasons, you will surely get that urge to shift the gear and give your career a kickstart. There are many reasons to choose this career, Here are some of the best reasons:

High-level salary

If you’re planning to start your career in graphic design, Sky’s the limit when it comes to salary. You can start on any day, All you need to do is consistently upgrade your skills in designing.

The one thing that helps you in graphic design is a skill. If you want to be your own boss, Develop your design skills, always be on trend, develop your portfolio, and start working on projects.

With a career in graphic design, you will get the right opportunity for self-development if you have the right qualifications and willingness to learn.

If you increase your skills and design quality, You can gradually move higher with your salary. Moreover, If you got the right opportunity in graphic design, You’ll become the best of all.

career Smooth

The person who is willing to be a freelancer needs to build an impressive portfolio of your work.

Moreover, Once you’ve reached the spotlight and got some good feedback from the audience, You can earn a lot in graphic design.

If you got a proper degree in this field, You can get a lot of opportunities in this field. So, You can have a successful career in this sector if you have the necessary knowledge and abilities.

Ocean of opportunities

Moreover, You will have access to a variety of changes in the corporate sector with a formal degree in graphic design.

A graphic designer will be needed in many different industries. So, There are countless prospects in graphic design from marketing to advertising.

You will play a part in developing corporate identities for companies. So, It won’t take long to fit into the industry if you are capable and have the necessary talents. If you’ve comes to opportunities, Graphic design is the ocean.

You’ll get a lot of opportunities like I get an opportunity from an actor! Yes, An actor in south India, Asked me to create the first look for his album first look.

graphic design is fun, interesting, and challenging

Moreover, Self-satisfaction is the most important part of the career. Monetary is a part of the career, It’s not the whole thing, Graphic design can give you mental peace at work.

The client and the audience can both experience a substantial change as a result of your work, regardless of how little the design or how large the job is. The work is financially and psychologically gratifying.

What jobs can you get if you study graphic design?

In a Graphic design career, You’ll get from advertising to marketing. Moreover, you’ll get many opportunities and jobs when you have a graphic design degree.

Even without a graphic design degree, Having photoshop knowledge is enough you’ll get the job. Here are some of the jobs you’ll get in graphic design.

  • Art/Creative director
  • Photo and video editor
  • Graphic designer
  • Marketing designer
  • Industrial & product designer
  • Web designer
  • NFT artist
  • Freelancing
  • Animation designer
  • Brand designer

And there is a lot more. Moreover, For those with imaginative thinking skills who appreciate art, technology, and communication, graphic design is a terrific career.

However, Every business has a need for design, therefore graphic designers have a lot of opportunities to work on a variety of brand-new, fascinating projects.

How to develop your design skills

If you’re willing to choose a graphic design, However, You’ll need to develop your skills.

How you can do this? Moreover, I started my graphic design career during the pandemic and I developed my skills by watching youtube and professional designers. Here is how I developed it:

Make your own style

If you want to be unique from other designers, You need to find and make your style. Moreover, the Best designer with skills and on-trend will survive in this field if you’re on your own.

Choose your style and develop. It is the best way to become the best professional graphic designer.

Get advice from the experts

It’s not wrong to get advice from experts. Because they’ve already mastered the field. Moreover, Ask for some advice but don’t disturb them by asking always.

Make friends in the field, They’ll help you to improve your design skills.

I’ve made some contacts, Whenever I need any help or doubt, I will ask them to clarify this or that.

Watch Youtube Tutorials and apply them to your design

Myself, I developed my design skills by watching Youtube tutorials and other experts in the field.

Moreover, Youtube is an ocean where you can learn anything you want. If you want to learn properly, Go to udemy and search for graphic design courses.

Moreover, there are free courses available on udemy that you can make use of it.

Many people mistake that there watch Youtube videos and watching continuously but never apply them in the design process.

If you understand the tutorial, Then apply it to your design, Then you’ll see slight changes in your design quality.

Don’t make complex designs

This is important, Most designers watch other expert designers work and force themselves to do work like that. Just remember, In there starting stage of graphic design, There are beginners too.

Moreover, In Graphic design, Simple design always wins. Once I created a design for over 3 hours and was unsatisfied with the outcome.

But after that, I created a simple design completed in 30 Minutes and was satisfied and sent it to my friend, He thought Did You do this, or did someone else work?

So, Always focus on simple designs, Simple always wins in graphic design. Don’t make complex.

Make use of resources

Always make use of graphic design resources because they’ll assist you.

Why you should use design resources? Well, You can’t able to create one. Moreover, Graphic design resources are made by professionals who personally make use of it.

Where you can get graphic design resources? Many websites sell graphic design resources for almost 90% off and some resources are available for free.

Here are some websites where you’ll get free and huge discounts on resources:

  • Creative Market | Explore the world’s marketplace for design.
  • The Hungry Jpeg | Premium Graphic design resources.
  • Inky Deals | Daily design deals and bundles.
  • Pixelo | Exclusive discounted fonts and design bundles.
  • Artixty | The Best design deals for creative professionals.

Make use of these graphic design resources websites.

Recreate designs you love

If you love the design of another designer, Don’t hesitate to recreate it. Recreation helps you to understand the process of the other designers. So, that you’ll get some idea.

Consistent with the process

“Practice makes the process success”. I practiced for around 2 to 3 hours a day.

Moreover, I am an illustrator, I spend days achieving goals like shading, outlining, and creating backgrounds. Be consistent with the process even if you’re not satisfied with the outcome.

Remember why you’ve started before quitting.

Finally, I developed my portfolio on social media and got some clients, and made some pony.


In Conclusion: Graphic design is a great career to go for. If you’re thinking to take this path, Don’t hesitate to go, You’ll never regret it. Moreover, In every job, Self-satisfaction is more important than salary. In graphic design, You’ll get that self-satisfaction plus job satisfaction for sure.

Some people think that a graphic design career is dead. If someone tells you this, Explain to them that without graphic design, No business will go further.

Graphic design is the best way to create trust and brand quality for the audience. This career will never die, So, Don’t think, Just go for it. It is the best career. I hope you’ll get to know about the idea of graphic design as a career. Follow for more!

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