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Freelance Graphic design vs Graphic design Firm. Which is better?

Are you looking for hiring a visual design service? But, Don’t know which graphic design service suits your business! No worries, most people struggling in this part. That’s why I’m here to guide you, All you have to do is read this blog post fully without missing a part. In this blog post, you’ll get to know freelance design service vs graphic design firm, and which service suits your business.

For real, Both freelance graphic design and graphic design firms are great for investing. What matters is your budget. Let’s get into it. Big companies have in-house graphic designers who are continuously working according to the company’s marketing strategies.

Small organizations without well-defined marketing and advertising divisions, on the other hand, outsource designers as needed.

You have the option of hiring an agency or hiring an individual graphic designer when it comes to outsourcing graphic design.

Graphic Design Services

A Graphic design service is a professional service without a doubt, Which was provided by designers.

The visuals and designs used to promote or sell something require a thorough awareness of market trends and needs, which must be thoroughly researched and prepared in order to have the greatest influence on people and acquire their trust.

It plays an important role in businesses attracting and influencing customers. Designers design Business cards, flyers, brochures, packaging designs, menu cards, web, and mobile designs, brand identity, logo designs, etc.

So, Who needs a graphic designer? Simply, A person who has something to sell like a product/service needs a graphic designer.

Small business owners, doctors, dentists, schools, any business even artists themself want a visual design. Through visuals and designs, They can communicate anything they want to say to the world.

Their message will only reach a wider audience if they hire a graphic designer.

Graphic design service

Freelance Graphic Design Service

A freelance visual designer is an individual person who is not working with any companies. There is their own boss! He/she works with clients separately and produces creative designs for client needs.

Freelance designers have a wide range of design styles, In graphic design trends.

Here are some reasons for hiring a freelance graphic designer is the best option:


As a business person, the First thing you consider is the budget. There is no option that freelancers are the most cost-effective than hiring an agency. Freelancers are individual contractors, They don’t need to maintain an office or pay staff.

So, It is worth hiring a freelance graphic designer if you have a low budget.

Experience and skills

Years of experience, Feedback from previous customers, are proof of their skills and the level of service delivery by freelancers. All these credits are earned by the graphic designers themselves.

You don’t know if the designer who earned the organization a good name has left or still working with them.

Communication is more effective

A good graphic designer must understand your expectations, and your visions to portray the designs. You can easily communicate your message with freelancers as it’ll be a one-to-one communication.

Flexible working hours

Anytime you require a graphic design job to be done immediately, In that case, Freelancers are your only saviors. The flexible working hours of freelancers, Helps you at any time.

Faster delivery

Hiring a freelancer is time-effective. Absence of a middleman, the work cycle runs faster with freelance graphic designers. With freelancers, you can be sure of faster delivery.

Pros & cons of hiring a freelance graphic designer

  • Cost-effective
  • Experiences And Skills Shown By Freelancers Are More Reliable.
  • Friendly communication
  • Flexible working hours
  • Quality work
  • Save time, Save Money
  • On-trend
  • Trust worthiness
  • Quality of deliverable, Some, If not most additional jobs.

Fiverr Freelance Graphic Design Service

Thinking of hiring a freelance graphic designer! No other alternatives, The best of all is Fiverr freelance graphic design service. Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelancers, Where you can hire any kind of freelancer service. So, You can find freelancers worldwide in a single marketplace. I’ve made a separate blog post about hiring a freelancer on Fiverr, You can check it out.

Graphic Design Firm

Outside clients engage graphic design organizations to do creative work, which means the designers deal with a variety of brands. In order to staff the numerous projects they are hired to execute, agencies frequently employ several graphic designers that specialize in different areas. Their work is a contract base.

If the cost doesn’t matter If you are ready to invest in a good graphic design firm. Nothing wrong, There are many benefits to hiring a graphic design firm for your business.

Here are 6 key benefits of hiring a graphic design firm

No need of hiring many designers

If you seeking to hire a freelancer, you have to hire as per your needs. For example: If you want to hire a logo designer, You hire one at the same time you want flyer design for your needs, The designers may not design flyers. In that case, Hiring an agency benefits you.

A graphic design agency has many designers In-house, So, No need to worry.

On-time delivery

A freelancer may be late sometimes due to clients’ queues. But an agency is working for a contact base, They’ll deliver your work on time.

Unlimited revisions

Unlimited revisions until you are satisfied. If the outcome of the work is not satisfactory for you, You can revise it as many times as you want until you get satisfied with the outcome of the work.

Building trust and goodwill

You have goodwill and trust in the agency, They’ll work for your fullest satisfaction and for their company reputation. So, They’ll never fail to satisfy you with their high-quality work.

Higher Conversions

Investing in a good graphic design agency leads to great success for the business. The more traffic, The more sales. Visual design grabs the attention of the audience. Effective graphic design leads to high conversions.


A freelance graphic designer may not be available at all times. A good graphic design firm is available almost all the time for your requirements.

  • You can trust graphic design agency
  • Quality of delivery
  • Team work
  • Unlimited revisions
  • High quality work flow
  • Effective communication
  • High cost, But still worth
  • Location

Penji The Unlimited Graphic Design Service

If you want to hire a graphic design agency! Hire Penji The unlimited graphic design service. They are sick! Best of all compared to its rivals their offering is cost-effective, 499$ per month! Whereas other agencies offer 699$ per month. For an in-depth review of penji, Read my blog here.



In Conclusion: Hiring both freelance and agency is a good and worthwhile investment for your business.

But if you’re not investing in graphic design, You’re losing big. The choice depends on the budget and requirements of your business.

The mentioned above graphic design services like Fiverr and penji are well researched and analyzed, Compare to their rivals these are great for investing. Invest in good visual design! Grow your business.

I hope you’ve got an idea of freelance graphic design vs graphic design firm, Which one is the best for your business. Follow for more.

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