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Get The Best Free Photoshop Brush Sets Here

The most important resource for digital artists is Photoshop brushes. Each part of the design process needs different types of brushes, Right? So, In this resource article, I’ve going to share the best Free photoshop brush sets for you.

Photoshop brushes are an excellent way for digital artists, illustrators, concept artists, and other creatives to add to their arsenal of resources or projects.

So, They enable you to quickly achieve the desired look without having to create a new brush from scratch and, more importantly, without having to part with money.

We’ve structured our selections into sections to make it easier to find what you’re looking for, whether it’s pencil and charcoal Photoshop brushes, landscape and nature Photoshop brushes, grunge brushes, or special effects.

I hope you’ll find what you’re searching for in this resource article. Let’s get into it.

Best Photoshop brushes for your needs

I’ve handpicked the best photoshop brushes from top designers on the internet.

Moreover, I use these brushes to create illustrations, digital art, and many more. The result is awesome, It helps me to create exactly what I want at ease. Take a look at my artwork which I’ve used some of the below list brushes to create.

Free photoshop brush

So, Here I’ve listed top designers’ photoshop brush collections, Digital oil painting brushes, watercolor brushes, canvas brushes, charcoal brushes, halftone brushes, traditional brush sets, concept art brush sets, and many more.

Hope you’ll get the best resources here.

Download free photoshop brush sets here

1/ Imad Awan Brush set

Imad Awan is a famous concept artist, My inspiration for concept art. He provides high-quality brushes for free.

So, In his collection, You’ll get over 150+ brushes for almost all your needs, From texture brushes to clouds and tree brushes, You’ll get everything from this single ABR file.

Free photoshop brush

2/ Robin art fx Brush set

Robin art fx is a famous Indian digital artist. Moreover, He is one of my favorite digital artists.

In this collection, you’ll get minimum brushes but trust me this brush set is enough for all your design needs. Although, This Photoshop brush set offers high-resolution digital art brushes and texture brushes.

3/ Art of serg Brush collection

Art of serg is a concept artist on artstation. So, He creates concept art and digital art.

In this brush collection, You’ll get minimum brushes for concept art and digital art. If you’re looking for concept art brushes, This brush collection is for you.

4/ Canvas brush

While this collection might be medium with only limited Photoshop brushes, it sure is worth it.

With a pencil, pastel, and charcoal texture, this brush set is sure to give your project an authentic canvas feel. So, You can also use several canvas effects from streaky to a triangle.

5/ Charcoal brush

Charcoal is an essential tool in any artist’s arsenal, but it’s also one of the messiest.

You can get those soft charcoal lines with this excellent charcoal brush set without getting charcoal all over your hands and everything else.

Free photoshop brush

6/ Texture brush set

Texture brushes play an important role in digital art and concept art. Moreover, It’ll uplift your artwork for real.

In this collection, You’ll get texture brushes for digital art and concept art. These Photoshop brushes allow you to create a range of textures. They’re great for backgrounds and for experimenting with different effects.

7/ Waterwaven brush set

Waterwaven brush set. To be honest with you guys, I’ve never used this brush collection, but there are lots of options here to add some serious flair to your artwork. 

Our next pick of the best free Photoshop brushes will allow you to mimic a watercolor style in your digital art and designs.

8/ Watercolor brushes

This extensive pack of watercolor Photoshop brushes will help you with watercolor painting.

If you love to create a watercolor digital painting, You can use this brush set. Although, I don’t like to watercolor brushes in my digital art process. So, I didn’t try this brush set.

9/ Halftone brushes

Halftone brushes are more like texture brushes. Moreover, It’s a great resource to uplift your artwork with tiny dots.

If you see my artwork above, You’ll see I’ve used this brush set to give some details to the artwork. It works well in digital art. This brush set contains over 10 to 15 halftone brushes, Trust me that is enough to add details to your artwork.

Free photoshop brush

10/ Grunge photoshop brush

Grunge brushes will help you to give a raw and rustic look to your artwork.

Professional artists use this brush set to make the artwork more rustic. This set of grunge brushes will transform your illustrations and designs with a gloriously rough-and-ready look.

11/ Ink spatter brush

You’ll find Ink spatter (Splash) Brushes in this set. To spurt forth in scattered drops blood spattering everywhere, You can use this brush. It helps you with more realistic painting.

12/ Grit & Grain brushes

A grain brush helps you to add noise to your artwork. It works well in illustration.

Grit and grain is a collection of limited brush presets designed to paint a continuous flow of grainy texture. Moreover, It’s also a type of texture brush that helps to bring illustrations to life.

They work well on pen tablets with pressure sensitivity, so the harder you press, the darker the texturing.

13/ PS Brush set part 1

This brush set contains a mixed brush collection. Offering a wide range of brush collections in this single brush set for you. You can use this to create digital art.

14/ PS Brush set part 2

Here is part two of the above-listed brush set. Photoshop brush set 2 helps you to create digital art. Although, a collection of mixed brush sets for your design needs.

15/ Dry Brush set

The dry brush set is a fantastic collection of dry brushes. These high-resolution dry brushes are superbly detailed, bristly, and texture-rich brush set. Featuring wispy lines and detailed edges, they’re perfect for roughing up your artwork or distressing edges.

So, These are the best free photoshop brush set that I use for my digital art. Moreover, I quit digital art because of some personal problems. But I do start digital painting in the future. “It’s not over until I win”

The above digital art of Yoru from the valorant game which I created a year ago. Using Imad Awan and robin art fx brush collections.

So, for beginners, Here is a short tutorial on How to load these brushes in photoshop.

How to load photoshop brush set

A simple way to can load photoshop brushes in photoshop. To load photoshop brush presets:

Windows in photoshop >> Then click brushes >> You’ll see 3 lined options, click it >> Then click import brushes >> Choose the downloaded ABR file >> Then Click open.


In conclusion: Are you ready to use free photoshop brush sets for your design needs? However, Designing is not an easy process. It requires lots of practice to improve your artwork. So, These brushes are just a boost for your design needs.

The real resource in graphic design is your creativity. Use them well to show your uniqueness.

I hope you’ve got what you’re looking for. Follow for more.

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