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The Best Way To Create Free Infographics

Do you struggle to create infographics? Well, Infographics are a great way to tell complex information with ease with visuals. This article is about steps to create good and informative infographics and the best graphic design tool to create free infographics.

Creating infographics is not a usual one. It takes time, research, and many things to create the best and most informative one.

So, read this step-by-step process fully.

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    What is infographic design?

    Infographic is a type of design that helps people to understand complex concepts (stories, information) using diagrams, charts, and graphs.

    They can use images, graphics, fonts, text, and colors in a visual format to explain a complex concept with ease.

    They’re usually used for marketing purposes for decades but they can be more useful when writing articles and sharing research.

    The Main goal of infographics is to make information more interesting and efficient with visuals, So, that people may easily engage.

    For instance, Let’s take this article as an example, Not all of us are going to learn from top to bottom of this article, Right? But What If? I convert this article into an infographic design. You will read that infographic design from top to bottom.

    Because visuals have more power than words. That’s why Infographic designs are used.

    Uses of infographics

    There are many ways they infographic design uses, Here are some of them:

    Presenting survey data– Infographic designs are highly useful for presenting results gathered from survey data. Surveys are the most complex statistics and numbers which are highly complicated for people to know.

    So, infographic designs are used to present complex data in visuals so that people might easily understand.

    Simplifying complex concepts– The main goal of using infographic designs is to convey a complex message to the audience through visuals, especially when presenting an overview of a topic instead of an in-depth analysis.

    Explaining how something works– For instance, Take a smartphone, We don’t know how it works, Right? We know there is a motherboard, processor, and many things inside a smartphone that make it works.

    But How Does It works? It’s a complicated thing. Using infographics, we can reveal the mechanics behind how intricate objects work.

    Comparison– With the help of infographics, We can compare similarities and differences between two things visually creating parallels that complement the information presented.

    For instance, Movies in the 80s and 90s vs Movies Now, How it evolved.

    Interesting facts– There are lots of interesting facts that aren’t quite interesting enough to be put forward in a straightforward list. Using infographics, even a boring fact might be an interesting one and make people engageable.

    And there are a lot more ways that infographic designs are used.

    4 Things you should do before creating infographics

    Before start designing infographics, there are some things you should do to create an awesome infographic design.

    1/ Choose the desired template

    Infographics are a great way to convey complex information to an audience with ease, but it’s not easy to create an infographic design.

    The best way to create an awesome infographic design is to use a high-quality good looking pre-made template so that you can easily customize it.

    create free infographics

    Firstly, you have to choose an appropriate infographic design template for representing the data. The important thing is to choose a template that specifically works for the type of data set/content you want to present.

    Here are some basic ideas for choosing the right infographic template that suits the story you want data to tell:

    • Side-by-side comparison template: Suits to differentiate between two things (For instance, iPhone 14 vs Samsung s22 ultra).
    • Flowchart Infographic: This is suitable for presenting a new workflow for your business.
    • Timeline infographic: Suits for evolution concept, For instance, How human technology evolved from the 1990s to the 2000s.
    • Graph-based infographic: This design is suitable for content creators publishing a high volume of data and statistical information, making it a good fit for expert-level audiences, too.
    • Image-heavy infographic: This design is suitable for revealing trends and information using shapes, designs, and photography.

    To get high-quality pre-made templates, you can go to the Creative Market and buy pre-made templates at a very low cost.

    The Creative Market is a great marketplace to get images, videos, graphics, pre-made templates, add-ons, and many more to make your design easier.

    2/ Identify the audience

    Infographics do not sell themselves based solely on their design. You must deliver “info” that is as compelling as the “graphic,” in order to do. So, you must understand who your infographic is intended to reach.

    Begin by comparing your infographic’s ideal reader to one of these five audiences — which one does your reader fit into?

    create free infographics

    When considering the data you want to visualize, consider the five audiences listed above to determine how advanced your data will be. As an example:

    • Novice audience: They may require data with more accurate meaning at the first glance.
    • Generalist: They may wish to gain a better understanding of a big picture of a concept.
    • Managerial audience: They may need to understand how different groups or actions interact with one another.
    • Expert: They may be more interested in delving into your numbers and posing theories about them.
    • Executive: This is more like a novice audience in that they only have time for the most basic or critical information and the impact it will have on the business.
    3/ Collect data and relevant content

    Before start designing an infographic, you should collect content and relevant data that you’re going to provide in the infographic design.

    create free infographics

    You can either collect third-party data (Search on google) or you can use your own original data, It’s up to you.

    But If you’re using third-party data, just make sure you properly cite your sources — just like in any other good piece of content.

    • Choosing your data: Compelling data must be “informative” enough to provide your readers with the proper context for the information you’re presenting.
    • Organize your data: When you’re collecting your data, make sure to tell the story you want to tell to the audience with this information.
    4/ Align the data

    The final thing you should do before designing your infographic design is to align the data that you’re going to provide in the infographic accordingly. For instance:

    • Title: Adult vs teens, How we use social media
    • Intro: What is social media and what impact of social media today
    • Information: The overall social media usage now
    • Question: Who uses which social media the most?
    • Information: Age breakdown of social media users
    create free infographics

    Like this, you need to align the data you want accordingly. What people should see at the top, middle, and bottom.

    You can simply take a note and align your data.

    These are the 4 things you should do before start designing your infographic design. This will help you to create an awesome and informative infographic design without any mistakes and confusion.

    How to create free infographics

    Now you’re about to get started designing infographic design. So, the best graphic design tool to create free infographics is Drawtify.

    The best tool to create infographics without any stress. There are lots of best design tools available, But to create infographics, Drawtify is the best of all.

    1/ Sign up for a Free Drawtify account

    Drawtify is a great online vector graphic design tool to create designs within minutes. Moreover, it is best to create free infographics.

    With drawtify, you can create free infographics with ease. You don’t have to create infographics from scratch. Drawtify has high-quality pre-made templates, so, that you can just customize them.

    2/ Select a template

    Drawtify has high-quality pre-made templates and if you’re a pro designer, You can create designs from scratch.

    It has N number of pre-made templates in the infographics section. When I start scrolling down the page, it keeps on going without end. So, it’s a great resource.

    create free infographics

    Drawtify has many types of infographic design templates. Here are some:

    • List infographic design template
    • Status report infographic template
    • Swat analysis infographic template
    • How to guide infographic template
    • Timeline infographic template
    • Sales report infographic template
    • Versus infographic template
    • Educational infographic template

    And the counts keep on going. So, you can select one that suits you and start making customize.

    3/ Customize your infographic design template

    Once you choose the right infographic design template for your designs, It’s time to start customizing it. There are many features and benefits of creating free infographics using drawtify that no other top graphic design tool has.

    create free infographics

    Drawtify is the best beginner-friendly graphic design tool. With the drag and drop tool, You can simply drag and drop text box, design elements, color palette, background, and icons.

    To customize your infographic design:

    • You can simply click the unwanted image in the template and click delete. And choose the best image you want and place that in the right spot.
    • Then You can clear the text and enter the content. You can also change the style of the text, font, opacity, blend, and filters like a drop shadow.

    Like this, place the appropriate design elements, text, images, and graphics with a drag-and-drop tool and delete inappropriate things just by clicking and deleting.

    4/ Perfect your design with elements

    When it comes to creating infographics, Infographic elements play a major role than text. So, it’s important to use Infographic elements (Graphs, charts, bars, Columns, lines, and more).

    create free infographics

    Drawtify has more infographic elements than any other design tool. As you can see in the above images, Drawtify has many more things than I mentioned above.

    Online Vector Graphic Design, SVG Editor

    But that’s not the important thing, The important thing is that you can customize the infographic elements themselves.

    I used many tools, But no other tool can customize the infographic elements themselves. You can see the image below:

    create free infographics

    Let’s take the above image and data as an example and choose the infographic element accordingly. Let’s take the chart element as the above image has. After choosing the chart element you like for your design:

    • Choose a chart and double-click it.
    • After double-clicking the chart, the customize option will pop out.
    • You see the above default chart category has shirts, sweaters, T-shirts, Pants, shorts, and socks. If you want to change the category, you can simply click and change the category.
    • After changing the category, Click the sales section and change the numbers.
    • You will see that the chart will change accordingly if you change the numbers.

    After changing the data, you can simply click outside the customize area. You’ll see the chart will appear with the data you changed.

    So, you can use it for your infographic design.

    5/ Save and download

    After completing your infographic design, You can simply click save in the top right corner and download it for free.

    Let’s wrap it up

    So, Are you ready to create free infographics for your business? These are the steps to create free infographics. Moreover, I’ve shared some things you should do before start designing your infographic design, Right?

    Remember to follow the steps before start designing an infographic design, It helps in your design process. To make it simple:

    • Choose the best and most appropriate infographic template.
    • Identify the audience you’re going to target.
    • Collect the data and relevant content from a third party or your own.
    • Align the content you want to show accordingly.

    Then you can start designing your infographic design:

    • Sign up for a free account on Drawtify
    • Select a pre-made template in Drawtify
    • Customize your infographic design template
    • Perfect your design with suitable infographic elements
    • After completing your design, Simply click save and download

    Creating an infographic is not much rocket science but it’s not an easy part. By using drawtify kind of tools, You can simplify your process.

    I hope you’ve for to know the best way to create free infographics. Follow for more.

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