Create a brand identity

Create a brand identity using the best graphic design service.

Are you a businessman/woman or entrepreneur looking to improve your brand visibility! Searching for a good graphic design service? Well, here it is, Create a brand identity using the best graphic design service for your business.

Moreover, Graphic design helps you boost brand identity 10x faster. It is the best way to make your brand stand out from the crowd and improve brand visibility for high conversion. In this blog post, We’ll see the best unlimited graphic design service, Penji.

Create brand identity

How to create a brand identity

It takes a lot of time and effort to create a brand identity but graphic design helps you boost the process. It helps to engage the target audience with visual content. Moreover, If you are an entrepreneur or small business owner you should hire a graphic design firm. Social media is a powerful tool for small businesses and entrepreneurs to reach and direct contact with the target audience and leads to a high conversion rate.

A strong brand identity is about communicating your whole brand story. It requires researching your target audience, logo, social media designs, illustrations, color palette, and typography, and auditing your competitors.

Steps to create a brand identity

Research your audience, value proposition, and competition.

Create brand identity

Research your audience and their needs. If you have a solution for your target audience, that’s it you are the king!. Graphic design helps you to convey your message to your audience with visuals. People love visuals more than boring normal messages. If you sent your content with graphics, It’ll engage people to stop and stare.

Analyzing your competitors is a More important process in business. For example; You and your competitor, have the same productivity, same quantity, same quality but different pricing will lead to the brand uniqueness.

It applies the same to graphic design, If your competitor hires a graphic design firm like penji, It’ll grow to the top because people believe visuals more than words in business.

Building a brand identity is all about differentiation: making your brand visible, relevant, and unique. Thus, it’s crucial to understand not just who your competition is but how your brand compares in terms of your visual presentation. 

Design a logo and template for

Create brand identity

Every brand needs a logo, every logo needs quality. Logo creates a first impression among the target audience. A well-designed logo builds trust among the audience. It tells the potential customers who you are and what you are up to and what benefits them. It communicates to people with no prior knowledge or experience with your business that you do great work.

Big companies create new logos for every occasion. People think the logo is a one-time investment, but it’s not. Different logos attract old and new customers. It grabs attention and makes a strong impression that your company is trustworthy.

Regardless, every brand needs a basic identity, which includes three core elements: 

  • Logo
  • Color palette
  • Typography

If you create a wider variety of content, you may also design additional elements to express your brand across mediums, including:

  • Photography
  • Illustration
  • Iconography
  • Data visualization
Graphic design service

Integrate language you can use to connect, advertise, and embody on social media

Create brand identity

Integrate the language that you are going to use in advertising. Be active on social media, as I already said social media people are very engaging. Social media is a great tool to grow your audience.

Language is important in brand development, To engage with every audience. Strong brand identity needs to work for both internal employees and the people who interact with it.

If you design an identity that doesn’t connect with your target audience or nothing related to your brand, You’ll waste a lot of work and time that you’ll never get back.

Monitor your brand to maintain its identity

Create brand identity

This step is to determine to maintain your brand identity. To do so, a company leader must uncover what is most important for driving growth and analyze how the product or service is actually viewed by consumers.

Good branding is all about good communication. So, Make sure your visual content aligns with your brand, reflects your brand, and communicates your whole brand story. To maintain brand identity,

Differentiation: You should know how to stand out from the crowded places of brands? Your brand identity plays a vital role. Whatever it may be, You should be unique to maintain or grow your brand visibility.

Connection: The more effectively you connect with the people, The easier for people to engage with you, ultimately, join your community of lifelong fans.

Experience: Everything you’ve done reflects your brand. From your website to your social media, to your sales brochures, a strong identity is a key to elevating your brand experience.

Visual content makes you unique

Create brand identity

Visual content can be incredibly subjective. Colors and designs grab the audience’s attention, It’ll make your brand unique from your competitors. Did you know that more than 90% of businesses in the US don’t have a website? They’re losing big in businesses.

Here, Not only the website! Graphic design will help you to stand out from the crowded marketplace. The graphic design optimizes your marketing efforts and it is the key to making a professional brand.

It is a way that companies connect with their target audience and customers. Design can be used to promote and sell products, convey a message, or develop a brand identity.

High-quality visuals grab the audience’s attention

If you want to grow your social media audience it will easily convert to sales! High-quality visuals grab an audience which will lead to sales. Graphic design uses high-quality photography, infographics, illustrations, and video to create more successful marketing tools.

Graphic communication, More than a trend

Designs will convey the message easier and shorter. So, To keep your audience engageable, graphic images are the perfect solution. Moreover, Graphic design will help you to grow your business in this modern world of business and an easy way to communicate with an audience.

Attract and keep engaging customers

It’s best to create fresh graphic designs particularly made for your business. This will show you maintaining your unique brand identity. Food packaging is a great example of the importance of attention-getting design. Grocery stores carry hundreds of snack chip brands.

Even though many reviews, and nutrition labels! We’ll never ever consider this, We buy chips with the packaging design and package attractiveness. To engage with customers, We have to be up to date in graphic and unique designs.

Strengthens your brand

Can you imagine big companies like Apple, google without logos! Graphic design creates an easily identified face for your brand. Because you are the only source in town, you may be able to get by without good graphic design and branding if you have no competition. However, for the rest of us, high-quality branding is critical to realizing our full potential and success.

Choose your color palette and typography

Create brand identity

Choosing a color palette is a tool to differentiate from other competitors. Colors do have a strong emotion! So, choosing a color will be a difficult task. A good color palette is simple and adaptable, giving designers enough options to be creative without overwhelming them.

Every visual content for your brand contains visual language and thus each should compliment others. This should be particularly in logo design. Every stage of design presents a unique set of challenges, but typography in visual language can be tricky, especially when brands follow trends that are hot for a second but quickly become dated or appear marshland.

Illustrations That Will Make You Go ‘Aww’

Create brand identity

The illustration will easily grab the audience’s attention to your profile or website. They also help to convey or explain to your audience what your brand does for them. Illustration has the ability to reimagine reality in a way that is both familiar and delightfully unusual, which makes it especially useful when explaining a difficult concept.

It’s an effective way to cut through distractions and quickly relate complex emotions. Moreover, It’ll help you in marketing, Appears friendly to your audience, and communicates effectively what you’re trying to convey to your audience.

So, Let me suggest to you the solution to create a brand identity unique and stand out from the crowded marketplace.

Penji Unlimited graphic design service

Penji is a modern innovative graphic design service created with the ultimate aim to help businesses with graphic design needs. I am not talking about graphic design tools like canva or something. This is a graphic design agency where an A. I allocated the best professional graphic designer to design for you. Penji is one of the top firms to provide their customers with unlimited graphic design services.

Penji offers more than 120+ design services with 1 subscription. Moreover, It is an on-demand graphic design firm involving three steps to create a unique design for your needs. The world’s most talented on-demand design team. Let’s see how does it work?

Create design projects

You can simply start filling out a simple form detailing your design needs. You can submit as many design projects as you wish, either one or more of your projects will be worked on at the same time.

If you are not good at describing what you really want! Simply attach graphic files on which you want your design to look.

A.I assigns projects to the best designer

You don’t have to worry about hiring the wrong designer. The A.I assigns the best professional designer according to your design needs.

Penji designers are professionals having a wide range of skill sets and they’re ready to apply for your design projects.

Simple & thoughtful revision tool

Looking for changes in design! Using this simple point & click tool helps you to mark the area you want to change by clicking the part to leave revisions directly on your design.

The revision will be completed within 24 hours. If you are not feeling comfortable with the assigned designer!

Let them know and there can swap out with the other designer more compatible with your brand.

Download & begin your next project

If you’re happy and satisfied with your design outcome! Instantly download a high-resolution image file with one click.

Moreover, you can start the next project in your queue on the same day. If you miss your source file, Don’t worry.

All your project files will be stored in penji and can be accessed from your dashboard.

There is a wide variety of file types to choose from including Adobe Suite files, Microsoft Office files, PDFs, PNG, JPEG, and more.

Penji has everything you need

It provides the best high-quality designs for your needs. Penji will accept basically any print or digital graphic type: advertisements, marketing materials, logos, website/app designs, book or magazine covers, album covers, banners/ads, business cards, brochures, cards, catalogs, posters, t-shirts designs, and anything like that.

Penji Pricing

Penji’s pricing is based on a monthly subscription.

Pro: $499/month, What you get in the pro subscription is unlimited graphic design, unlimited logo & branding, custom illustrations, Brands, and Unlimited users with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Team: $699/month, What you get in a team subscription is everything in pro plus: unlimited web designs, App designs, Unlimited presentations, Unlimited animated graphics.

Daytime: $999/month, What you get in the daytime subscription is everything in team plus: USA Daytime designers, same-day turnaround, dedicated art director.

As we can see, the agreement between Penji and the user entirely depends on the chosen plan: a no-contract model with a fixed billing and no hidden fees, which makes it perfect for the average company that wants to keep its budget under control.

Moreover, all monthly plans are backed by a 15-day, 100% money-back guarantee, without further conditions or strings attached.

Penji may seem not affordable but it’s budget-friendly compared with its rivals. Moreover, You can’t see designers face to face, Everything will be processed online.

So, Penji will be a great option to go for. To create brand identity, Penji will take the whole process of design for your business needs. If you’re looking for a graphic design service, Penji is the right service you need to give it a try.

Use this promo code to get 15% off of your first month of penji membership for any subscription.


In Conclusion: Create a brand identity is a big process, Penji service will take 90% of the process from you. Penji service might seem expensive at first, but if we think that it’s mostly suited for companies it can be very convenient – and much cheaper than hiring a full-time graphic designer to fulfill the exact same task.

If you’re looking to hire a full-time graphic designer! Think about How many designs can he make and you have to pay the salary as much as you pay penji for a monthly subscription.

This Unlimited graphic design service will be a game-changer for most small and medium-sized businesses Since they gain more brand visibility and conversion rates will get a peek at a fraction of the cost. So, think about it. Go Penji! You won’t regret it. I hope this blog post helps you.

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