Canva vs adobe express

Canva vs Adobe Express: Which one is the best?

Are you Looking for the best graphic design tools to create simple designs for marketing? Well, Here are the two best of all free graphic design tools to create designs for marketing and advertising. Canva Vs Adobe Express, These are the two best graphic design tools ever moreover we’re going to give a versus here.

Both canva and adobe express is the best of all other graphic design tools but which one of these is the best? So this article is useful for social media marketers, bloggers, social media advertisers, Youtubers, and non-designers.

Table of contents:-

  • What is a graphic design tool?
  • Why You Should Use These Tools.
  • What can you do with these design tools?
  • Canva: All you need to know
  • Adobe Express: Everything you need to know
  • Canva Vs Adobe Express: Which one is the best?
  • Conclusion

Sounds interesting right? It’s going to be one on one between these two free graphic design tools. Without delay, Let’s start.

What is a graphic design tool?

A graphic design tool is an online photo editor or application to create and edit visual graphics to improve any content. Moreover, Graphic design tools are necessary for marketers and advertisers to create designs in a snap.

So, If you ask, Is photoshop a graphic design tool? No, Adobe Photoshop is graphic design software but it’s more like a graphic design tool.

Canva vs Adobe Express

Graphic design tools will help you to create a simple design for marketing and advertising purpose for your business.

Why You Should Use These Tools.

Moreover, Some of us can’t use advanced graphic design software like photoshop, illustrator, and more. So, These graphic design tools are specially made for non-designers to create designs within minutes.

For instance, If you use photoshop to create social media post designs or posters for business. It’ll take around 20 to 30 minutes to complete a design in photoshop. That’s where these graphic design tools come in.

So, If you want to create designs without spending that much time or don’t have an idea of design. You should consider using these tools. However, these tools have a simple user-friendly interface so that even a 10th-grade kid can use these tools to create awesome marketing designs. Here are some of the benefits of using these tools for marketing.

  • You don’t need to create designs from scratch.
  • High-quality pre-made templates are available.
  • Best beginner-friendly design tools.
  • No need for any design skills.
  • It saves you a lot of time.

Moreover, Even many professional designers use these tools to create social media designs to save time. These are all the benefits of using graphic design tools to create simple designs for marketing and advertising.

What Can you do with these design tools?

These graphic design tools are the best and most useful tools for marketers and advertisers. Moreover, I’ve been using many graphic design tools for marketing and advertising purpose for my business.

It helped me a lot with the design process even though I can able to create the design within a few minutes.

So, I use these tools to create social media post designs, infographics, web images, blog featured images, Youtube thumbnails, Ebook, social media ads, posters, and a lot more I use these tools to create designs.

Who’ll get benefit from these graphic design tools? So, These design tools are useful for social media marketers to create social media post designs, Youtubers to create Thumbnails, small businesses to create a graphic designs to convey business messages to the audience, and non-designers to create awesome designs with the help of pre-made templates.

However, anyone can create designs using these design tools. It’ll cut the design time in half that you’ve spent in adobe photoshop or any other software.

Canva: All you need to know

Canva is a free and best graphic design tool ever. You’ll get everything you want in the free version. Moreover, It’s a great and useful tool for social media marketers to create social media post designs.

Canva vs Adobe Express

However, you don’t need any design skills to use this graphic design tool. Even professional designers use canva to create designs to save time and money. With Canva, it’s easy to engage your audience, build your brand, and create amazing visual content together — no design experience is needed.

Moreover, there are over 100s pre-made templates available in canva that you can make use of it. All you need to do is to change the content on the pre-made templates and use it for your purpose. What you can create in canva:

  • Social media post designs
  • Marketing designs like flyers, brochures, presentations, and more.
  • Ads, video ads, banners ads, and more.
  • Youtube videos
  • Poster designs, postcards, and more.
  • Infographics, graphs, logo design, and more.

These are just a few things that you can create in canva and there is a lot more in canva that you can design.

Features of canva

Canva has the best features in the free version than its rivals. Moreover, you’ll get whatever you want to create basic designs, you’ll get in canva.

There are many features available in canva that will assist you in your design process. So, here are the features of canva for free:

  • You can convert your videos to GIFs in canva.
  • Best user-friendly interface.
  • Combine images and build stylish montages
  • Add text to the video and music to the video
  • Convert your videos to MP4 online for free
  • Convert gifs to video
  • Enhance and brighten your images
  • Image filters
  • Video merging
  • Drag and drop editor for easy customizations

There is a lot more you’ll get in the free version of canva. In the premium version, you’ll get access to over 100+ million photos, videos, audios, and graphics which will easily cover audience attention.

600k + premium templates with new designs daily, background removal, Resize designs infinitely with Magic Resize, and more. Moreover, You’ll get shocked when You’ve heard of the canva premium version. Let’s see its pricing.

Canva Pricing

With premium features like Brand Kit, Unlimited Content, Background Remover, and more, Canva Pro makes it simple for individuals to achieve their goals and create professional designs. Moreover, Canva has the best pricing of its rivals and is worth every penny of your investment.

Adobe Express: Everything you need to know

Adobe Express is a free online graphic design tool created by adobe. Moreover, This tool was specially created to design social media posts design for marketing and advertising.

Canva vs Adobe Express

More like canva, Adobe express is also a beginner-friendly graphic design tool that you don’t need any design skills to use this tool. Adobe Express makes it easy to get started with thousands of beautiful templates, plus assets for social media content, logos, and more. Here are some of the things you can create in adobe express:

  • Social media post design and social ads.
  • Logo design
  • Posters, flyers, and more.
  • Photo collage
  • Youtube thumbnail
  • Invitations
  • Marketing designs

There are a lot more you can create in adobe express. But I recommend that it is the best design tool to create social media posts design.

Features of Adobe Express

Adobe brings the best features to its product, Adobe Express. Moreover, It has a major feature available that even canva don’t have. Here are the features of adobe express:

  • Resize images instantly.
  • Remove backgrounds from photos.
  • Convert PNGs into JPG files.
  • Convert videos to GIFs.
  • Trim and edit video clips.
  • Resize video content.
  • Crop video clips.
  • Pre-made templates are available.

The Major feature available in adobe express that even canva doesn’t have is background removal. Moreover, Canva has this feature but not in the free version. But Adobe Express has background removal in the free version.

There are over 160+ Million adobe stock collection photos available, Resize with any design dimension in just one-tap feature available in the premium version of adobe express.

Adobe Express pricing

Adobe Express is not budget friendly as canva. Moreover, It was too expensive.

As I said, Adobe Express is too expensive than canva but still, you can use the free version. So, It’ll tell you what you should use this tool to create design over choosing canva.

Canva Vs Adobe Express: Which one is the best?

So, Here is the End of the battle. Canva vs Adobe Express, I hope you’ll find the winner. For me, Canva is the best graphic design tool over adobe express. The reason is, Firstly pricing, Adobe Express is too expensive than canva. Secondly, I use Adobe Express I cannot able to copy the design and paste it into another design dimension.

For instance, In canva, Let’s assume that I’ve created an Instagram post design and I want the same design in a different dimension like a Pinterest pin. So, I can simply create a new dimension in canva in a new tab(Chrome).

Moreover, I can simply copy the design I’ve created and paste it into the other design dimension at ease. But in adobe express, We can’t do this trick. Adobe Express is way too good in pre-made templates of social media post design than canva.

But Don’t go for the premium version of Adobe Express, It’s too expensive. If you’re willing to pay, Invest in canva. It’s way better than Adobe Express in pricing as well as features.

Use the adobe express free version, I recommend you to check Adobe Express social media post pre-made templates. Which are premium and eye-catchy.

I use canva to create:

  • Social media post designs
  • Web images
  • Blog featured images
  • Youtube thumbnails
  • EBooks and ebook covers
  • Infographics.

I use Adobe Express to create social media post designs, especially Instagram post designs. Because it has eye-catchy high-quality premium pre-made templates available in the free version.


In conclusion: I hope you’ll get to know which one of these is the best graphic design tool. In this article, Canva vs adobe express, Canva is the best free graphic design tool to create whatever you want. But I highly recommend you to go and check adobe express pre-made templates.

Moreover, You’ll decide and let me know your thoughts on these graphic design tools in the comments. I hope you’d get to know about these free graphic design tools. Follow for more content related to graphic design and social media marketing.

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