Best degital art software for free

Best digital art software for free that’ll make you pro

Are you a digital artist? If yes, What is the best recent software you’ve used for digital painting? Well, You’ve may try many but for sure, you may regret investing in that software. Here, I’ve listed the best digital art software for free that’ll make you a pro artist for sure.

100% guaranteed Because I’ve used this software for months and trust me It’s awesome.

Here are the best digital painting software that you can bring your dreams to reality for sure and you’ll get amazed.


Krita is the #1 best digital painting software in 2019, moreover, beginner-friendly user interface that’ll help you to create an awesome design.


Clip studio paint is one of the best digital painting software ever. Best Beginner-friendly software, You can create whatever you want. Bring your dreams to reality.

Let’s see an in-depth about these digital painting software.

What is digital Painting?

Digital painting is somewhat bringing our dreams to reality (art). In other words, It is a type of artwork that we create by our imagination or by inspiration. So, The painting that is created digitally with the help of digital software is known as digital painting.

Moreover, It can be computer generated, scanned, or drawn using a tablet and a mouse.

Best Digital art software for free

Moreover, These two are the best digital art software. However, Photoshop is the king of all graphic design software and you can also use photoshop to create a digital painting.

There is a reason behind why I didn’t list photoshop, which I tell you later in this article. So, Let’s go with Krita first.

Krita – Digital painting software for beginners

Best digital art software for free

I know some of you reading this article may don’t know about Krita software. I’ve heard Krita by one of my Inspired pro artists.

Then I download Krita and use it for months, Trust me one of the best digital painting software I’ve ever found.

Moreover, It has the best beginner-friendly user interface ever.

As a pro digital painter or beginner artist, You know that bringing dreams to reality is not an easy part. However, You need a lot of time, effort, and consistency.

So, Having this kind of beginner-friendly software will make your design process easier.

Krita is great software, However, Every graphic design software has the same user interface, Tools on the left, layer box on the right, and file, edit, view, image, and all on the top.

But Krita’s user interface has a little different. Let’s see.

User Interface

Best digital art software for free

This is the Krita User interface. As I said, Quite simple and easy-to-use software.

Moreover, Every software has the same user interface as Photoshop. But a slight change in Krita.

In Photoshop, Every toolset appears in the left and layer box, adjustments, and all appear in the right.

Here you see in Krita, Brushes and color palettes appear on the left side and layer box and advanced color selection appear on the right side.

And other tools like a select tool, text tool, shape tool, and all appear at the top. This is what I’m talking about.

You see in photoshop there are loads of tools and features available and It’ll make users confused.

In Krita, there are simple tools available and you can easily understand them. Moreover, It’ll boost your design process.

However, If you’re not comfortable with this interface. You can customize it for your comfort and use.

Default Brushes

Best digital art software for free

Brushes are the primary need to create digital art. However, You can’t create awesome paintings using photoshop default round brushes.

Krita has the best, simple, and most needed texture brushes to create digital art.

From basic round, pencil, charcoal, pen, and brushes to halftone, watercolor, and acrylic brushes available in Krita.


Moreover, Every graphic design software has the same tools like a select tool, Text tool, shapes tool, line tool, ellipse, rectangle, polygon, and all.

You see the above image, The Basic tools, and options available in Krita which make this software even more beginner friendly.

Is Krita software free?

Krita is free. You don’t need to spend a single penny on this software. It is a professional FREE and open-source painting program. Moreover, It is made by artists that want to see affordable art tools for everyone. Krita is not available on mobile devices, It’s available only on windows and Mac.

In Krita, You can create:

  • concept art
  • texture and matte paintings
  • illustrations and comics

You can simply download Krita from chrome and start using it.

Clip Studio Paint – The Artists software for drawing & painting

Clip studio paint is Professional graphic design software that is suitable for creating illustrations, comics, manga, and animations. It is ideal for rendering and inking.

This is one of the top-level graphic design software due to its customizable brushes, 3D pose library, and perspective rulers.

I found this software on Youtube while searching for tutorials. And I want to try this software. So, I give it a try.

Then I regret not having this software already. One of the best beginner-friendly digital painting software that you can create whatever you want to.

Clip Studio Paint - Shop Now!

Moreover, Clip studio paint has been upgraded, So, there are lots of features available on Clip studio paint to make your design process even easier.

This Software is Free but only for 3 months. Moreover, The great advantage of this software is that you have to pay for the software only once. Okay, Let’s see what’s in this.

User Interface

You may confuse, Is it Photoshop or Clip studio paint? Well, It is Clip studio paint that looks like photoshop.

However, the Photoshop interface is a little complicated, But If you look closely to clip studio paint, You see the difference in how much it’s simple.

As always, Like every graphic design software, Easily understandable user interface.

More like a photoshop user interface. Tools, brush set, color selection, and all in the left and layer box on the right side.

Default Brushes

There are lots of default brushes available in clip studio paint. But In the free version, There are a limited amount of brushes available. Three types of brushes are available in the free version of clip studio paint:

Clip Studio Paint - Start Your Free Trial Now!
  • Watercolor brushes
  • Thick ink brushes
  • India INK brushes

If you want more, You need to upgrade to the premium version of this software.


  • Drawing adaptability- This software contains powerful tools that can be easily customized to produce stunning digital art projects.
  • Varied brush options- The program contains numerous default brushes for drawing.
  • Multiple coloring tools- Create vibrant and colorful comics with a variety of coloring options. You can create images in either CMYK or RGB format.
  • Advanced 3D capability- A new set of tools for working with 3D objects allows you to perform a variety of manipulations, while the drag and drop function speeds up the process significantly.
  • File Import and Export options. You can work with the most popular file formats such as PNG, JPEG, BMP, TIFF, and PSD/PSB(Photoshop). Thus, the layers can be preserved both out and in.
Clip Studio Paint - Start Your Free Trial Now!

Clip studio paint has two upgrades, a one-time purchase, and no need for a monthly subscription.

What you can create using clip studio paint

Clip Studio Paint is used for various needs.

  • Concept Art – Clip Studio Paint is ideal for illustrators because it is optimized for drawing and painting. The painting brushes can be easily customized and used. So, It makes concept artist work easier.
  • Character Art – With its many useful and unique features, it is a versatile digital painting program that is ideal for rendering and inking. It even includes 3D models of characters, items, and backgrounds that you can pose and angle to help as a visual reference, which is a cool feature! Its fair pricing makes it more affordable and accessible to all.
  • Comics, Manga & Webtoons – If you are a digital painter, You can do everything you want to draw in this single painting program. The brushes are a particular standout – even without downloading additional ones, the existing ones feel authentic.
  • Illustration – Moreover, Professional artists suggest clip studio paint for making illustrations. This software offers the most natural paper-like experience, but with all the advantages of a digital environment.
  • Animation – When comparing animation software, the features that most influence us are its use of timelines, symbols, automatic interpolation, and composition. When it comes to traditional animation, however, the most important thing we look for is what we will be doing the longest: drawing.
Clip Studio Paint - Shop Now!

Is Clip Studio Paint is free?

Clip studio paint is free but not free. But you can use clip studio paint free on mobile devices and Free for tab devices. For Pc, It’s free for 3 months, with only limited features available in this free version.

Then I was like totally happy thinking of I can use clip studio paint for 3 months. And I start painting my imagination GF. then I realized I can’t able to downloading what I painted.

If I need to download, I need to upgrade my account.

However, The great advantage of this software is that you have to pay for the software only once.

Clip Studio Paint Pro- Best for character art, concept art, illustrationClip Studio Paint Ex- All PRO features + advanced manga, comic, webtoon & animation features
US$ 49.99US$219.00

Why you should consider using this Digital Art Software than adobe photoshop?

However, Adobe Photoshop is the king of king. It is the best graphic design software of all time. Moreover, You can create whatever you want to in photoshop even digital painting. But photoshop is not specially meant for digital art.

If you’re a digital artist and you need is only digital painting, character art, concept art, and all. You should not go for photoshop. However, These digital art software which I’ve listed in this article are specially made for digital painting.

This is why I said These are the best digital art software for free that you should use instead of going for photoshop.


In conclusion: So, These are the best digital art software for free available on the internet that’ll make you a pro artist at ease. Tell me, Which digital art software you’re going to try first? Let me know in the comments.

So, I hope you get to know about the best digital art software for free. Go for it, Create whatever you thought, and practice to be a pro. Follow for more.

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